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Go green and keep your green, pt. three: reduce waste


And now for part three in the Go Green and Keep Your Green series:

Reduce Waste

  • Reuse a book. Using the wonderful public libraries in the Greater Chicago area is an eco-friendly and money-saving way to keep up on the latest best selling fiction, audio and music CDs, movies and magazines without having to shell out the dough for them. Some local libraries even have iPods and Kindle electronic reading devices available for checkout!
  • Trash the disposables. Paper towels, paper napkins, drinking straws, plastic baggies—the list of disposable items used daily goes on and on. These create a lot of trash and impact our landfills, but they also cost a lot. You’ll save a bundle by switching to things like durable towels and reusable food storage containers.
  • Refill a bottle. In 2007, Americans spent $16 billion on bottled water! Not only is that a chunk of change, but 3/4 of those bottles ended up in landfills. Breaking the bottled water habit and using safe, reusable bottles instead will save resources (plastic is made from oil), waste and money. Check out the Green Home Experts, A Cooler Planet or Whole Foods for a selection of attractive stainless steel bottles.