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Go Gojo! Ethiopian...eclectic...extraordinary

Ready for a “hand’s on” dining experience? Then Go to Gojo…

The atmosphere is very homey, and decorated in a way that you almost forget you’re in Eastown. When you walk down the steps to Gojo it’s like a vacation of sorts, there is also a chalkboard on one side of the restaurant where people have either laid praises for the food, or expressed their own creativity on it.

Not only is the atmosphere welcoming but so is the owner Sam Terfa who makes you feel as if you’re at home. There is warmth and hospitality that emanates from him as he comes to take your order.

There is a wonderful variety of items to choose from (including vegetarian options) but when we’re here, the family combo is the usual choice, because it has some of everything and making a decision here is nearly impossible. The family combo consists of Siga watt (ground beef in a highly seasoned sauce), Doro watt (delectable chicken with boiled eggs and assorted spices), Tibs (chunks of tender spiced beef), and an assortment of equally authentic and delicious vegetable dishes.

The meal itself is served on top of Injerra, a semi-moist yet light and airy flatbread with a mildly sour bite. The Injerra is also what is used as your utensils, you just scoop up the food with the bread and consume. No forks, no knives, no problem.

A little precursor here: while I’m not recommending for you to ask for extra spice, as most may think the dishes they serve as hot already (however, if you have read enough from me by now you would probably guess I could eat Habaneros for breakfast). I’m just making the point that they are very accommodating and take care of their customer’s requests.

When the food came it was remarkable, the flavors were balanced but striking and robust at the same time. I personally just wanted a little more heat, so I asked for a hot sauce (thinking they would just plop a bottle of Tabasco or the equivalent on the table, like most restaurants) but, no keeping with the homemade traditions of Ethiopian cuisine, he went back and made a fresh hot pepper condiment for me to add to my food that was fantastic!

Gojo is definitely the place to go for a unique and satisfying dining experience.

Gojo Ethiopian cuisine is located at 421 Norwood SE