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Go Get Em Tiger

Go Get Em Tiger pics
Go Get Em Tiger pics
Charles Ryan

You've probably noticed the recent explosion in new and cool coffee spots around Los Angeles. There was the cupcake craze, fro-yo addictions, and macaron obsessions - now there's an old favorite. Coffee never really left (how could it?) but the interest in coffee that doesn't come from Starbucks or Coffee Bean has been overwhelming of late in LaLaLand.

Go Get 'Em Tiger
Charles Ryan

One such place is Go Get Em Tiger. Interesting name, right? Well, this place has a pedigree - a quality that compliments its location on tony Larchmont Blvd. GGET, an easy abbreviation for the spot, is the child of experienced duo Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinski. Maybe you've heard of them?

These two know what they're doing when it comes to coffee. If you've been to G+B Coffee in Grand Central Market - you know. They don't mess around with coffee. And if you want your coffee skinny, or fake sugared, or anything frilly - then you may as well go somewhere else. You wanted coffee right?

If you're not one to bastardize your coffee, take a stroll down Larchmont and through the doors of this stark, totally hip (and knows it), bustling coffee joint. Where there were once countless footsteps of children (the location used to be home to Baskin Robbins), now there are wingtips and Converse. There's lots of white, blank, almost empty canvas-like walls, medium-tone wood, and concrete floors. Indeed the decor and general demeanor of this coffee outpost are not quite fitting with the neighborhood at large (read: WASPY), but its attention to detail, excellent service, and educated employees is way more in-line with such a demanding demographic.

The experience is really what is great here. To put the hipster touches to the side for a second - it has to be said that the coffee experience at Go Get Em Tiger is certainly up there when it comes to Los Angeles coffee. In the land of Starbucks and Coffee Bean, it's so refreshing to go to a coffee shop that has a bar that you stand at. It's like Paris - but here!

Of course the staff are equally as important when it comes to one's experience - and here, they don't disappoint. Friendly, educated, and a bit quirky.

What should you get? Some good coffee. No frills. Stop pretending you're a teenager again with all the newfangled creations. But when it comes to the pastries: have EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. They are too good.