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Go for the bold: Add drama to your eyes

Angelina Jolie's amazing eyes
Angelina Jolie's amazing eyes
Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Actresses and models alike know how to play up their best features. Sometimes it can be their eyes, and whether they are small or big, the right makeup can make them bigger and more beautiful. Here are some ways that you can make your eyes appear bigger, brighter, and more glamourous.

Eyeshadow-When making your eyes stand out, use colors that turn heads. Silver and gold shades, as well as rich colors like black or cream can make your eyes have a beautiful new look.

Eyeliner-Define your eyeswith an eyeliner. Use a black pencil or liquid liner for dramatic results, or use colors like teal or green to play up your eye color.

Eyebrows-You may consider getting your eyebrows professionally groomed. Even the biggest holdouts to getting their eyebrows done are always surprised at the results.

Lipstick-How can your lipstick help make your eyes stand out? By using a nude color, your eyes don't have to compete with your (undoubtably) beautiful smile.