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Go dark this Sunday for Earth Hour 2014

Singapore partakes in Earth Hour 2013
Singapore partakes in Earth Hour 2013
Photo by Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images

This Sunday, March 28, marks the annual event known as "Earth Hour." The event is worldwide, celebrated from 8:30 to 9:30 local time on Sunday night. Last year's Earth Hour was celebrated in 154 countries across the globe by hundreds of millions of participants, and this year's will hopefully grow in size.

Participate by turning off non-essential lights and devices during the hour, including overhead lights, televisions and computers. You can partake whether at home or at work; businesses can turn off their neon signage or extraneous outer lights for a major visual impact. The World Wildlife Fund, the group that organizes Earth Hour, advises maximizing safety by using common sense when determining which lights are essential; traffic signals and safety lights, for example, should not be subject to the lights-off rule.

While the energy savings accrued during the hour on Sunday may be measurable, Earth Hour signifies a larger commitment to the environment that lasts throughout the year. Make a real difference with your Earth Hour participation by continuing your environmental dedication beyond Sunday night, or consider organizing your own public Earth Hour event to spread awareness.