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Go Boho-Chic this Season

Boho-Chic SophieandTrey
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Go Boho-Chic this Season!

We spotted a lot of Bohemian looks this year, from celebrities dressing up Boho-chic to models flaunting Bohemian mixed with trendy looks on runways. There was a lot of boho in the air and we must confess we loved everything about the bohemian vibe. The best thing about bohemian fashion is: “It’s all about staying as natural as you can with addition of comfy and chic to it.” Celebrities like: Mary, Kate and Ashley Olsen, Vanessa Hudgens, Kate Moss, Ashley Benson and many others were seen in a lot of beautiful Boho-Chic looks, every now and then. With all the Bohemian sightings, one thing we learnt is; dressing up bohemian doesn’t mean that you have to dress up boho from head to toe. You can mix trendy or some other fashionable looks with it and experiment with it. Boho-Chic being the new hot this year, we decided to help you with getting the ultimate Boho-chic look you want.

Dress Up Boho-Chic!

There is a subtle elegance in dressing up Bohemian but to get the perfect look you need to revamp your wardrobe with a lot of comfy, flowy and embellishments.

One thing you need to keep in mind while dressing up boho is you don’t have to look sloppy and too covered in layers and clothes. Just go with your natural style and mix them up.

Colors: Earthy Tones mixed with orange green to add some vibrance or just mix some white or earthy tones like; khaki, olive green, cream white, browns and tans with pink or any other vibrant color, to make it look less dull.


When fixing up your boho top collection just don’t go over all oversized tops that might make you look like a bohemian throw up. Get some trendy tanks, tops, tunics or crop tops with crocheted details, pom poms, tassles and fringes. Look out for floral dresses but the print should not be too big, floral means adorable, little floral prints. Just keep it as comfy and casual as you can but not with a too loose to use fittings.


Cut out shorts, maxi skirts, long flowy skirts, cut out and ragged denims and floral pants can work perfectly for your bohemian wardrobe. The key is: Keep it easy and comfy!

Free to Accessorize!

The best thing about dressing up like a boho babe is; you are free to accessorize. Bangles, rings, tribal bracelets, necklaces & dangling earrings; Yes, you can all wear this when you’re going boho-chic. There is no pressure to wear less jewelry and thankfully you don’t need diamonds!

Hair accessories:

The sweet summer kissed look you get when you braid your hair with flowers and accessories is what you get with a bohemian look. You can even let your hair be free and loose with just a floral hair band. Boho-Chic is even about embellishing your hair.


You all must be repeating it by now: Ye! Keep it simple. Some easy to wear, adorable flats, gladiator sandals or fringe boots are your perfect bohemian shoes. Our most favorite foot treat that comes with boho are the bare foot, anklet sandals. These are a definite bohemian must have. You may not wear them too often but try to find out chances where you can beautify your feet with these.


The best way to keep it boho chic is to bag it up with fringe bags, ragged leather or tribal prints or embellished bags. Or if you want to keep it boho trendy keep your trendiest bags by your side and dress up bohemian.

With these easy boho-chic styling tips you can easily give yourself a new style and change your usual day to day looks. Just remember when you’re going bohemian you’re free to experiment with almost anything. All you have to do is be natural and free.

Christine Rudolph is a content developer at Sophie & Trey, an affordable online shopping store for women. Like us on Facebook to stay updated with our latest deals and sales.

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