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Go Big or Go Home: Zac Posen Presents Glamour Collection of Epic Proportions

Zac Posen Collection 2014
Zac Posen Collection 2014
Photo courtesy of Associated Press

Legendary designer Coco Chanel was quoted having said “fashion is architecture, it is a matter of proportions”. In this case, she would be amazed that designer Zac Posen displayed gowns of "epic" proportions during his New York Fashion Week presentation on Monday. His collection was clearly a tribute to the formality of old Hollywood glamour with its demonstration of big and bold silhouettes featuring off the shoulder designs, cohesive lines, precise construction and conventional aesthetic. Posen chose simple color palettes of red, turquoise, burgundy, and blue to name a few. His gowns unmasked a regal perpetuity that even the most discerning within the fashion industry could appreciate. “This was all about line and form”, Posen stated, “I had to be disciplined.” Discipline seems to be expected when a designer, such as he, has reached a certain grandeur status of showing ones collection to peers and other industry notables. His ability to handle a body of work with such girth demonstrates he's no fly by night in awe of the industry with no skills to display. Posen has proved he has real staying power and we can’t wait to see what “big” things he has planned for next season.