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Our water
Our water
Valerie Goodman

Health and happiness are a very complex matrix of thoughts, actions, and emotions. Imbalance on either side of the spectrum has a ripple effect on the links to the other. With that said, health and happiness is not just about what you do for a living, what you eat or what is going on in your personal life. It goes deeper than the personal surface. Just like health and happiness is a complex matrix; so is the connections we share as a human race on this planet. We may predominantly be concerned with our well-being or family; however, it has to go further than that to really make a difference.

We all watch the news and see the terrible events that are happening around us. Some issues can be solved, a lot cannot. The truth is, what efforts we individually make can ignite changes that can expand beyond our immediate awareness. Let's take recyling for example. Do you make a conscious effort to recycle? If you do not have curb-side surface and do not recycle, do you use that as your justification? Or, do you make the effort to drive a few miles to the nearest recycle destination?

It is important for us as a collective community in Nashville, the State of Tennessee, The United States and beyond to make the changes to minimize the waste that is going in the Earth and oceans. One person, you, DOES make a difference. Your example of effort will expand to another. Thus, the ripple effect of change grows wider.

Do not assume all that you read in the paper is true. Do not assume all the news on television is completely accurate. Most stories are distorted to give them an edge to entice the viewer. Media has a powerful way of changing the collective mindset. Therefore, be a conscious viewer, not a passive one. To avoid digressing to another subject, the point of this article to raise awareness of what we take for granted...bottled water and the impact it has made on our mindset of what is healthy.

After watching the documentary, Tapped, I have realized that every bottle of water that is consumed adds to the literal degradation of the planet and its residents. Plastic, even PET or PETE 1 has been shown to contribute to multiple cancers. Oil is integral in its process of being made. Approximately, 18 BILLION gallons of oil a year are used to transport water from place to place and approximately, 17 MILLION gallons of oil a year are used to actually make the bottles that hold the water. Then, oil is used once again to recycle it. Get the picture?

Forget the oil for a moment. The FDA has ONE person who supposedly monitors the bottled water companies. But, the truth is, bottled water that is made and sold in the same state is not under the jurisdiction of the FDA...or anyone else for that matter. So...they (the corporations) get away with what they do without regulation, cost, or harrassment. But, they make lots of money in the process.

Our tap water is perfectly fine to drink. Recently, the news stated tap water has too much flouride. Who made that determination and where is the report? It is highly monitored and tested beyond belief based on the population of the city. The water industry is dominated by Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Nestle'...presenting their "pure" waters as something from pristine resources. False. They take water from lakes, process it, bottle it and ship it out. Then, it gets bought, drank and the plastic bottle is tossed and forgotten.

It all started when Perrier hit it big in the 70's as a prestigous beverage to consume. The ripple effect of that marketing strategy affected soda consumption; therefore, the soda companies had to add a new edge for the general public to see. It has been stressed how much better it is to drink bottled water. Forget the fact that all of us in the baby boomer bracket drank from the tap for years and did not have problems resulting from the water. Now, the general public assumes it is safer to drink bottled water....brilliant scheme.

Watch the documentary Tapped. You will then understand why I write this to you. Our planet is in desperate need of changes. Like all changes, they are like a snowball that rolls down a hill. It may start small, but by the time it reaches the bottom, it is massive! Be the change...

Get this documentary on Netflix or rent it or watch the multiple clips from this website. You decide what feels right in your heart. Even if you continue to drink bottled water or any bottled beverage, at least make the effort to recycle it. That action alone will be worthwhile.


  • Profile picture of Frances Childress
    Frances Childress 4 years ago

    I didn't watch Tapped, but I whole-heartedly agree with you and this article. Thanks for sharing!

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