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Go ask Lara: woman dismayed over removal of horns

Go ask Lara
Go ask Lara
Lara De Ann

Dear Lara,
I, like you, are a goat and sheep fan. I grew up in a farm in Central California. We had sheep and goat’s milk. We never removed their horns. A sheep and a goat have horns, why should we remove them. I am very dismayed when I go to food stores and see goat milk and yogurt and sheep’s yogurt with little pictures on them that show the animals. But, they are all missing their horns! I feel outraged because the public has no idea of the importance of these horns. It is part of who they are.

I can understand that farmers might be concerned that if a goat breaks off their horns, they could bleed to death. However, I think they should hire more people to watch over them to make sure they are okay. I think they should not have such huge farms. I believe it is because of greed and wanting control over the animals that they remove their horns. If they are nice to their animals, then humans wouldn’t need to feel that they have to dominate or control them. We always kept our animals the way they were born and never altered them. They were always kind to us because we respected them.

We always thanked them profusely for their milk. But, we also cuddled them. They were affectionate with us from the time they were young. They were part of our family. If farmers were connected with their goats and sheep, perhaps they would reconsider removing their horns. I feel it is inhumane. We never dominated them, we loved them. They never used their horns to harm us and we paid close attention to them so they never broke their horns.

I feel terrible that so many goats and sheep have their horns removed and that most people don’t even care. Furthermore, the Middle East, Africa and most Latin countries eat goat and sheep. How can you eat your friends? For that matter, why do so many eat cows and chickens? I could go on and on. But, you get my point. How do I live on a planet where I feel I am living amongst cannibals? After all, we are all related and they are all my relations.

Please say something to help these feelings,

P. D. in California

Dear P.D.

We are all on different levels when it comes to understanding consuming animals. Some are vegans, vegetarians, meat eaters, cage free or free range meat eaters, pescatarians who eat only wild caught and no farm raised fish, etc. There are as many varied diets on this planet as there are people. If you bring your emotions to this fact, you are in for a long haul. Some people are kind to animals and won’t eat them. Some people are kind to animals and insist on eating them.

The Dalai Lama would say to have compassion for all sentient beings. But, he is a holy man and not many are anywhere near his level. We can try to have compassion for those that do not know what they are doing. Many believe that Christ was a vegetarian and that the Bible was misinterpreted. There is also a group that believes Christ was an Essene and that the original commandments from Moses included not killing any kind of living being. Indeed, there are as many beliefs as there are people.

Humans have not been that gentle of a species, let’s face it. But, there is hope. The hope can be found in dwelling on your own self. You cannot change another, but you can appreciate your own advanced level. You can refuse to buy sheep and goat products from food stores that come from farms that remove their horns. You can appreciate that you have that choice to make. Many people from poor countries don’t have a choice for their menu. They eat what is available and what is in front of them.

If you allow the way animals are treated on this planet to get you down, it is a never ending spiral to hell. You will only see more and more cruelty. Because of the Law of Attraction, since you have been focused on this topic, you will only keep seeing more evidence of the same unfortunate circumstances. You will not be able to live in society. Learning to accept the kind of world we live in might be your life’s lesson. It will take the time it takes to learn that everyone is on their own level and not all are as understanding and caring as you are.

Try to surround yourself with people who are more like you. Perhaps seek out communes or intentional communities where people with common ideas live on the same land. Remember, you cannot change people. You can only do what you feel is right. Many are doing the best they are doing on the level that they are on. You cannot push them to be more evolved than they are. Their evolution is a process. If you make them angry, they may only purposely continue to remove horns and eat whatever they please just to spite you. You have to tread lightly on areas that are extremely sensitive. What people do with animals, how they treat them, if they remove their horns, or eat them, is an extremely volatile subject for most. Be an example by being kind. Be an example by how you peacefully choose to make your own choices. You cannot shove truth down anyone’s throat. They will burn you. They have done this throughout history. You can only live your own life and remain a strong light unto yourself.

If enough of your friends stop buying certain products, then things will shift. But, who knows when that will happen. Just do your part and make that enough for now. You can educate people if they ask you, but if they are clearly someone who does not care about animals and you parade your point of view, you only hurt your own self. If you want to write peaceful letters to government officials, then do so. But, do not allow your own happiness to be dependent on what other humans do. Humans are evolving at their own rate. Seek to see the good in the world and more good will be shown to you. Complain about the bad and more bad will be shown to you. The Law of Attraction always rules.

Keep seeing goats and sheep respected and with horns. They also remove cattle horns, so see cattle respected, too. Affirm that more and more of them are becoming friends with humans who believe in live and let live. Keep using your imagination to see what you want to see. You will be putting a lot of positive energy in the universe. A whole room of your friends visualizing animals and humans living in peace together will go a long way.

Thank you for caring about my loved ones.

Lara De Ann Warning to the weak at heart and stomach: the hyperlinks to the youtube videos on removing cattle and goat horns will have you never buy another product from any farm unless you do research first.

Reverend Lara De Ann is an ordained, non-religious, yet spiritual Reverend who gives counseling and insightful guidance over the phone. She also performs weddings, memorial services and house blessings. View her books and world peace necklace on


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