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Go Ask Lara #8, man loses fortune, must discover another one inside

Go Ask Lara
Go Ask Lara
Lara De Ann

Dear Lara,

I had everything I ever wanted and, in the course of a few months, lost it all. I worked hard to be on top of the world and it all crumbled to the ground. I had it all and now I have to work for a living, joining the rat race, sweating for a pay check. I feel like I am living in a nightmare. This kind of loss is too much for me to handle. Life has become a chore, before it was a dream. Don’t know if I can make it through.

D. B. in Texas

Dear D. B.,

Loss is loss. Someone can lose their parakeet and be completely devastated. Someone can lose their arm or fortune or home or family and all react in the same way. We cannot know what another person really feels because we are not standing in their shoes. However, there is always a way out from pain and all losses have lessons to learn that can lead us to great soul expansion. Everyone on this planet goes through something to learn from and hopefully is able to expand to an evolved state of being. It may take time and effort, but we are here to become more advanced and compassionate beings.

The monkey mind makes it all too easy to just look at loss and be consumed by it, running from thought to thought, creating more and more unease which can lead to dis-ease if we allow it to run and take over our lives. We can allow our thoughts to completely run us or we can choose to learn to focus on what makes us feel better. When we focus on feeling better and allow ourselves to dwell on what we do have, the Law of Attraction attracts to us that which feels like wealth. The truth is that underneath the sense of loss of riches, is a gold mine. Sometimes we are forced to look at simplicities and aspects that we previously took for granted. For example, do you have your eyesight, your ability to move around, your hearing, sense of touch, sense of humor, brain to reason, ability to communicate, etc.? These cannot be replaced, they are priceless. If you strip everything away what is tangible and acquired from the outside world, you will still be left with a gold mine. Who you are is priceless and irreplaceable. Sometimes, however, thoughts like these, though true, don’t help us get out of feeling our sense of loss. We can get addicted to emotional pain, addicted to looking at what isn’t there that we miss. We can spend our whole life trying to recover from one big blow. But, do we really want our life to be wasted on what isn’t there, or do we wish to put effort in so that we can rise above. After all, we are all here to learn to grow, overcome, get stronger within, and allow ourselves to soar, even if our wings had been clipped.

Take for example Satyam Nadeen. He was in ecstacy selling Ecstacy, a drug that induced feelings of euphoria. He became a huge financial success and most likely believed that he was helping people feel what it is like to be ecstatic so that they can bring that experience into their life. They would have an experience of perfection and could have a reference feeling for what they could create without the drug. He was swimming in money until he got caught and was thrown into jail. His financial freedom was contrasted by no freedom at all. However, by the grace of the universe, he “woke up” in jail. He became aware and awakened, expanded and pure. Later when he was released he began to be in service to others, helping them to achieve inner freedom. His prison sentence did not limit him. He became free from the inside. His book, From Onions to Pearls, sheds light on real freedom, the kind that cannot be lost.

In addition to choosing to uncover our freedom within and accept our value as a sentient being, regardless of what we can carry, there is also another way to look at financial loss. Abraham, as channeled by Esther Hicks, would explain that we can create whatever we desire as long as we understand the Law of Attraction and be the vibrational equivalent of our desires. In short, if we feel wealthy, we will attract that.

In the work of Byron Katie, she teaches us to look at our beliefs and statements we make that we hold to be true. If you think that you can never reclaim the riches you once had, she would ask you: How Do You Know That To Be True? Is it written in stone that you cannot manifest great prosperity more than once? Perhaps do a metaphysical experiment. Affirm and intend that who you are is totally abundant. Allow yourself to see the prosperity in your life now and feel more and more being attracted to you simply by thoroughly understanding the Law of Attraction and paying attention to your thoughts and feelings. You don’t control the universe, but you do control how you feel, what you think, and what you choose to focus on. We create the “what” and let go of the “how.” Money can come from many directions. We don’t have to know how it will come to us, we can just instead choose to be thankful for its arrival. In addition, we can also ask directly for what we desire. If we would like a piano, we can visualize that piano in our living room and feel the elation of playing it. We can use our imagination to bring about the manifestation. Then, in this case, we don’t need the money to buy the piano; we just focus on the desire: the piano. An acquaintance of mine did this and someone he knew was trying to get rid of his piano and was looking for someone to take it off of his hands.

When I was traveling without money on my trust walk, detailed in my book Piece of Planet or Planet of Peace: A Journey Through Letting Go Told in Prose and Poetry, I had asked the universe for money. I heard, “don’t ask for money, ask for what it is that you desire specifically.” In that moment, I realized, I had not needed anything but to lighten my pack on my back. I threw a bunch of excess clothes and a deck of playing cards that taught simple Portuguese (I was traveling in Mexico) in the back of someone’s pick-up truck on the side of a road. In that moment, I didn’t need to acquire; I needed to let go.

What you have let go is huge. You might have let go of a fortune, but you also let go of what you thought you needed in order to be happy. The universe has a sense of humor as it teaches us to expand. Roll with the flow and feel the richness of who you really are inside. Soon your prosperity will grow in many different ways and you will have gone beyond your previous limitations. Your courage on this journey is grand and I salute your progress. Your kind heart is priceless.

Cheers to a Higher Form of Prosperity,


Lara De Ann is a writer of books available on and e-books currently on Kindle. She also gives Insightful Guidance over the phone. As a non-religious Ordained Reverend, she does spiritual weddings and memorial services.


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