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Go Ask Lara #5

Go Ask Lara
Go Ask Lara
Lara De Ann

Dear Lara,

I have help questions about attracting the right mate. It has been a difficult haul. I am not knowing what to do. I have experienced unconditional love from animals and from a very high being who is no longer with us. I have not had any success with a mate on this planet for many years. Any suggestions?

With great hope,

S.T. in Texas

Dear S.T.,

I am hearing you on a great, deep level. I understand what you are saying. You are telling me that you have had the experience of Divine Love and you would like that again, but have not had an easy time attracting this and feel disappointed. The energy you emit is disappointment. You cannot attract that which you desire when you hold such a vibration. And at the same time, when you do the conventional things to find a mate, it makes you more disappointed. That is because you are desiring something that is very High and you are looking with disappointment in places where people are not on the level of what you really desire. You also do not feel or think that what you desire exists. So, that is a catch 22. You are wanting something that you believe doesn’t exist here, but you have not admitted that to yourself. It then becomes an unending struggle and you can end up suffering in other ways because of this struggle. It becomes a waste of valuable energy to yourself. And we wonder why we have issues on the planet of limited resources and wasted energy. Many of us are doing the same thing within our own lives. We are running unnecessary energy on things that make us tired and deplete us. It is a micro of the macro. Our world is reflecting this in us as a whole.

In order to succeed, first admit this all to yourself. Then take a Magical Step into another reality. You cannot attract what you desire if you stand in your shoes in the reality you had been living. Get a new pair of shoes. You are wishing to attract a mate that is Higher than any mate you have ever been with. They have to be from another type of reality, Higher in Mind, Soul and Emotion, yet still in a human body able to communicate with you in Loving, Higher Ways. You need to clean out your mind and emotions of all of the previous experiences you had that involved mates that were not on this level. You have to remove any negative talk about such beings in existence here.

If you don’t have Magical Thinking and Feeling, then you will only attract the same kind of mates from the same cloth. You really don’t want this anymore. You cannot share this information with naysayers because most people don’t believe in this kind of thing and will discourage you. Most people of the world discourage us unless they are Magical Thinkers themselves. Do you know any Magical Thinkers? Most just believe in a boring reality that the Cult of the World follows. Many billions of people believe in this boring, negative, cult, so you cannot share this type of thinking with them.

The mate you desire is so full of love for themselves and for you. They are an extremely High Being that feels like the Light of Love. Meditate on you yourself being like this being. See yourself as Loving yourself so completely that you can love another this way as well. Visualize yourself full of light and love. See light coming out of your eyes. See and feel yourself as pure love. Know yourself to be a humanitarian that Serves this planet by being this Pure Love. As you know yourself as this being, you will attract another just like yourself. This is what you really desire. You just didn’t previously see yourself this way so you could not attract a mirror of your Divinity. When you see yourself as Divine and feel and be that, sharing a healing energy wherever you are, then you will attract that which you are. Then the Magical being who is the picture of self-love, who shares that love with you, will manifest into your life.

Look deeply into your eyes when looking into a mirror and see yourself as this High Being and know and feel yourself attracting one just like your true self. Then you will be in Service for others because you will know that the solution was in the problem. Your own issue was your call to expansion.

Keep me updated on your progress!


Lara De Ann is a non-religious Reverend doing weddings and memorial services. She also combines healing and hiking and uses the Abraham Material as channeled by Esther Hicks as a template, as well as personal experience and what she “hears” from higher guidance. Lara also does mind healing over the phone. Check out her World Peace Necklace, spiritual books etc. on


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