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Go ask Lara #3

Go Ask Lara
Go Ask Lara
Lara De Ann

Dear Lara,

I have trouble on what it is that I really want to do with my life. There are so many things that I can do, but I have to narrow down. Don’t know how to do that since there are so many things that interest me. Is there a secret to knowing what the heart desires. I cannot do everything and not end up spreading myself too thin. Can you help with this?


A.F. in Acton

Dear A. F.,

Close your eyes and visualize each activity that entices you. Feel which one has more excitement around it. Which one is easiest to visualize? Which one do you pick first to visualize? Which one has the most vibrant color or feeling attached to it? Some of us are blessed with being good at many things, but, you are right, we have to choose one or two in order to focus our energies. Let us start with one first.

Know that there is a Magical Receiving Line. This is a line where we are right on target. Everything flows when we are on this line. We receive all that we need to move forward and be happy. But, notice how easy it is to get off of this Magical Receiving Line. Every time we have doubt or complain, we get off of the receiving line. The universe desires to give to us and to have us expand and excel l in our dreams. When we are in our own way, we get impatient, complain, and stop focusing on our desires. We, instead, get distracted by all sorts of things. Even being interested in so many things can be a distraction to our moving forward with any one of them. It is great to be good at so many things, but when we are launching a business or choosing a major, we have to focus. If we spread ourselves too thin then we get distracted and may end up not doing anything.

To stay on the Magical Receiving Line, just keep focusing on one main desire, the one that feels the absolute best, the most fun. Keep replaying the scenario in your mind. See yourself doing exactly what you love. Get the details in focus. Make this a visual meditation. This makes it sacred because your focused goal has now become a ritual.

You can feel yourself on the Magical Receiving Line. This is a thin line and we have to stay focused in order to stay on it. It is where we feel aligned, where we feel good. When we don’t feel good, we know we have strayed from the Magical Receiving Line. Everyone likes to get free stuff. Imagine, when you are on the Magical Receiving Line, you are receiving free stuff. Good just comes to you because you attract it with your vibration expecting to receive good. When you get out of focus, you no longer attract the free stuff. That is the easiest way to feel it. We are always happy when we receive free things, right? We know how that feels. We can focus on receiving all sorts of good from the Universe when on the Magical Receiving Line. We know we need to stay focused in order to stay on this line.

When you choose the best desire by the way it sparkles when you feel it, you know you have landed on the Magical Receiving Line. Now all you have to do is spend more of your time visualizing and feeling the scenario of your dreams and then make this your meditation. The key is to visualize and feel it as often as you can to crowd out negative thoughts. If we have complaining and stressful thoughts, it means we have strayed from the Magical Receiving Line. If this happens, then we will not get the free feeling inside. It means we lost focus. The only thing to do is to get back on focus. We don’t have to do anything but feel and visualize. Then, we will get inspiration to do certain things, but it will come from the internal feeling of lightness. There won’t be a “should” attached to it. It won’t feel bad.

When we focus on the Magical Receiving Line, then we are on a thin line and we don’t stray from it. We are pointed in our visualization and feeling of our desire. We stay on that wavelength all day by noticing if we are on this line. Focus is everything. Remember, FUN = GOD. Fun is Focus Unity Now. God is Good Orderly Direction. Focus Unity Now = Good Orderly Direction. Fun does equal God. It is the same thing, we have just proven it with words.

When we are on that Magical Receiving Line visualizing what we love and feeling it, then it must come into our reality. However, we have to let go of the how and just focus on the what. The details of the “How” of things is in the domain of the Universe. It is not in our domain. If we try to make it our domain, we get out of focus. Just focus on the best “what” that you desire to create. Your feelings on what is the best for you at this moment in time will help you narrow down your focus so that it is pointed and poised, feeling the fun of the manifested dream even before it manifests. This information is based on the Abraham Material as channeled by Esther Hicks.

See you on the Magical Receiving Line, focusing on receiving your desire. It feels like we just won the lottery when we feel our dreams come true. If it doesn’t feel this way, then it is time to focus on one main thing and make it the main stage. Meditate on only this. Crowd out what no longer works by replacing it with the same film footage in your mind of what feels great. Keep doing this until you see results. If you don’t see results, you know you have not focused enough and got off of the Magical Receiving Line. Just get back on and focus more acutely.


All My Best,


Lara De Ann is a non-religious Reverend doing weddings and memorial services. She also combines healing and hiking and uses the Abraham Material as channeled by Esther Hicks as a template, as well as personal experience and what she “hears” from higher guidance. Lara also does mind healing over the phone. Check out her World Peace Necklace, spiritual books etc. on


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