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Go ask Lara #11: woman wants free help with support

Go ask Lara
Go ask Lara
Lara De Ann

Dear Lara,

Help! I want to do so many things and get well and start living my life, but it seems that all of the seminars that I really, really want to attend cost money. I lost my job recently. I know there is free stuff out there, but I see that there are seminars that have so many people there as support and I want the support. What can I do?

T.S. in California

Dear T.S.,

It is time to take matters in your own hands. Face the facts. You cannot go to the seminars you want to go to because that would be living over your means and create debt. You might get help, but you would also create just another problem for yourself. It is better to live within your own means and find another way that you can afford.

I recommend creating your own support group around this book: Creating Money: Keys to Abundance by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. Sanaya channels Orin and Duane channels DaBen. Orin and DaBen are non-human entities that have “given” the words to these humans to create this book. It is helpful because it is coming from a spiritually high perspective. If a book is coming from benevolent, non-human sources, you can be assured that its content is from love, about love, by love and drenched in love. In short, Orin and DaBen are so high that just holding the book makes you feel better. I also feel this way about anything by Abraham as channeled by Esther Hicks. Abraham is a non-human group entity. Their information is pure love and wisdom. It doesn’t matter whether or not these non-human sources have ever lived on this earth plane in order to understand how it works down here. They can “see” and sense what is needed. Their information is universal and shares spiritual laws that can make sense to humans and aliens. Information from higher non-human sources can even apply to the life of beings living on other planets. If it is that universal, then we can all benefit from this non-human love that has co-created and co-authored many books.

The book Creating Money is a masterpiece. I had it on my bookshelf for many years and it would move with me from place to place, almost waiting for me to read it. The interesting thing is that I had never made it past the very beginning until recently. In terms used by Abraham, I did not have “access” to the information. I had blocked myself from reading it because my energy had not allowed me access. My struggle created an energy field that did not match, or resonate, with the book. I could not read about the solution because I was so focused on the problem.

Because I prayed for miracles and listened to the message to clean my bookcase, I was put in contact with this book again. However, this time I clearly heard the inspired thought implanted in my mind. After making it past page 40, I totally understood why I was given messages to read this. It explains in depth about the concept of magnetizing. You do not have to pay for a seminar, you can learn to magnetize your desires from this book. It is possible to ask people you know to buy this book and do the exercises to help them manifest their dreams using magnetism. Create your own support group. You can buy it used on and some of them only cost a penny plus shipping. The older version of the book is just as good as the newer edition.

If you want it to feel like a seminar, just get impassioned by this book. Read it exclusively until you get it. Get fanatical about it. Make magnetizing your desires very important. Make it your prime focus. If you don’t generate this kind of energy, then it just becomes another book and another idea. We often get hyped up and focused, but then are unable to carry a heightened focus for very long. We can get distracted by another fabulous idea circulating around the world wide web and lose our focus. It is better to reread this same book and write down points in a journal as you read. Do the exercises and make them concrete by putting your desires down on paper.

There is your free seminar. Well, maybe it costs $4.00, or so, and the effort to talk to people you know who are willing to learn about magnetizing energy in order to create their lives in a more direct fashion.

In another article, I will write more about magnetizing our desires, but for now, this book says it so perfectly. Of course it does, it is written by non-humans from a higher realm. Invest the time and small amount of money and become focused on their recipes for success.

Thanks to Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer for being clear channels. We need as much non-human, benevolent influence as we can get. More on other non-human helpful entities in the future….

This will work if you work it!


Lara De Ann does counseling and gives insightful guidance over the phone. See her guidance page on


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