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Go ahead, Kahlua is vegan and great for holiday drinks

Caramel hot cocoa with Kahlua
Caramel hot cocoa with Kahlua
Jessica Osterberg
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Wondering if your favorite alcohol is vegan. Many people are not aware that vegans have to choose their wine and beer carefully. Some spirits are filtered or processed with animal products or even contain them. supplies you with a searchable list of over 700 vegan booze items, or use the Vegan Wine Guide to verify your favorite wine is vegan.

 Regular Kahlua, Kahlua Especial, Kahlua Vanilla, Kahlua Mocha, and Kahlua Hazelnut are all vegan. The pre-made Kahlua drinks such as Kahlua Ready to Drink and Kahlua Drinks to Go do contain dairy.

 It is quite easy to create your own Kahlua concoction at home. You can make it as elaborate as you’d like or you can just stick to yummy and basic Kahlua and soymilk. Either way, enjoy it aside your favorite vegan holiday cookie. What a perfect treat. As always, drink responsibly.

 Caramel hot cocoa with Kahlua recipe


6 ounces soymilk

2 tablespoons cocoa

1 ounce Kahlua

1 teaspoon caramel syrup (like Torani Sugar Free)

1-teaspoon agave


Heat soymilk in microwave 1 ½ to 2 minutes. Stir in cocoa until well combined. Add remaining ingredients and mix well. Can be served warm or add ice cubes to chill. Top with soy whip if desired.