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Gnarboots' 'Dark Moon' treats, torments the mind

Gnarboots - Dark Moon
Gnarboots - Dark Moon

I want to do an experiment. I'm going to put a phrase out there, and ask you to think about how it makes you feel:

"God knows what's in your heart."

Simple. Sort of comforting in that benevolent-force-directing-things sort of way (If you're into that sort of thing). But let me add this:

"He's always watching you."

Still sort of comforting. But now let me repeat these phrases over-and-over, like the nervous tick of a mental patient.

F**king creepy right? This "god" character gets bit stalker-ish, and comfort quickly turns to unease.

Well, welcome to Gnarboots. The San Jose, two-person +, avante electronic/punk/whatever act, prides itself on taking listeners to that most eldritch of places. Their latest 5-song E.P., "Dark Moon," keeps on that line in a twisted, cajoling, fresh way; even taking up their sinister shenanigans to a new level.

With the infantile-turned-terrifying focus of songs like "Puppets Plus," "Kenny the Clown" (I only wanted to make kids happy") and "Goodnight," Gnarboots becomes more than just a musical act. Their true perspicacity lies in emotional manipulation; a juxtaposition of the comforting and a not-so-ironic sense of danger. "The End of the World" turns a dystopian tale which continues the nervous twitches ("The ticking of the clock will be there when your heart stops."), but simultaneously spins a musical web that's truly beautiful - a theme that pervades throughout. The E.P.s self-titled closer, is almost 3 minutes of artificially-voiced creepiness, that's just meant to be the poisoned cherry on top.

The point is this: Gnarboots has achieved a 360-degree experience on "Dark Moon," even challenging what's come before for the group. If it seems like I'm taking issue with textualizing the contents, therein, it's because I am. This all seems to be the one constant with Gnarboots: an ineffable, musically emotional experience; one that both indulges and challenges the psyche.

So, I ask you dear readers: how could you not partake?

Here comes the most important line of his review: you can hear Gnarboots' "Dark Moon" via their bandcamp page.


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