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GMO's the hidden addiction

GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms) are food products that we buy and consume everyday, however not much is known about them to many people. Large biotech companies, such as Monsanto and Dupont are two of the biggest, and seem to hold the monopoly on the market, producing these foods by injecting genes from one food source, into another food source thereby creating a more or less, synthetic food source that is altered with hazardous chemicals and super-sized pesticides that is showing evolution of and pest immunity to them. The GMO farmers are covered with protective equipment, careful not to get the pesticides on their body, but yet we are told the foods are safe to eat, and we are to believe they are safe to put into our bodies? Once this process is developed by scientists in a lab, the foods are grown by GMO farmers and distributed to the consumer in the local supermarkets. People should have a right to know, be informed and know they have a choice in what they are eating by choosing via labeling of the ingredients.

There have been bans of GMO foods in other countries, as well as protests all over the world, as seen in the attached video.Why not a ban here in the U.S.? The upcoming Worldwide March Against Monsanto takes place May 24, 2014, as a need for awareness and act of protest exists against the corporate giants, that already control up to 90% of the food supply. This movement started in 2013, and what started as grassroots continues with increasing numbers of people speaking out, advocating for our right to know and have safe food. The debate with labeling them goes on here in FL, as well as all over the world. Quite recently in FL, a labeling bill, SB 558 was to be put before the Senate, however this bill "disappeared" according to social media networks, and a call to action from GMO Free Florida was commenced to call the Senator who was in charge to put the bill back on the agenda for voting. From the page, "URGENT! FLORIDIANS! TODAY! NOW! PLEASE MAKE A CALL to Montford's office and ask him to put our bill back on the committee agenda!!! PLS CALL NOW! (850) 487-5003"

A good informative article concerning Florida and the GMO labeling issue, from Tampa Bay 10 News link is here

The newest damaging report on pure synthetics that are common, such as in "diet" anything, comes from stating that the artificial sweetener, Aspartame, which came out mid- 80's, is being "re-branded" under another name, Amino Sweet. The effects of that which are known, so why the need for a name change? Because science shows it's contaminates. In 1985, Monsanto Company bought G.D. Searle, and the aspartame business, marketing under the names: Sweet'N Low, ‎NutraSweet, Equal, and Splenda aka's Phenylketonuria and ‎Phenylalanine. From the article:

According to the top doctors and researchers on this issue, aspartame causes headache, memory loss, seizures, vision loss, coma and cancer. It worsens or mimics the symptoms of such diseases and conditions as fibromyalgia, MS, lupus, ADD, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue and depression."

Aspartame, and other artificial sweeteners, like Sucralose, are almost impossible for the body to break down completely because it is foreign to what the body was designed to assimilate. We are organic beings, made to use organic produce as fuel for our bodies. Because there are few natural processes that are able to pass these chemicals through the body, they are often stored, and eventually cause weight gain. On top of that, artificial sweeteners contain free methyl alcohol which is classified as a narcotic.
“It causes methanol poisoning which affects the dopamine system of the brain and causes addiction.”

So, now on top of it all, since it is classified as a narcotic and is addictive, join the Worldwide campaigns and 'March Against Monsanto' for awareness and learn more. Two events going on locally are: GMO Free Florida and hip hop/ rapper, educator and activist, Steve Grant doing event page, making the communities surrounding Hollywood, FL more aware, educated, and independent in living free of GMO's through organics and family orientated activities. The other "March Against Monsanto Lee County, FL" which will take place in Ft. Myers at event page . To find a "March Against Monsanto worldwide, click here . Click on the event pages to find out more, join and get involved! Awareness is needed, and in how to avoid these products as it can have detrimental impact to the world, not just locally.

More on this topic will be continued in future articles. Please feel free to leave any suggestions, comments. Thank you.

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