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GMO opposition builds as activists prepare for May 24th March Against Monsanto

Demonstrators March To Denounce GMOs
Demonstrators March To Denounce GMOs
Miami March Against Monsanto

With a growing numbers of countries around the world such as Russia, China, and France introducing regulations to restrict GM foods and crops, the public is becoming increasingly aware of documented hazards and negative impacts of these crops. In addition to health hazards associated with GMOs, these crops have often led to increased use of pesticides and the loss of small farms to encroachment of monopolistic agribusinesses. In Europe, GMO labeling is mandatory, yet in America food manufacturers have fought aggressively to block any laws that would require labeling. The state of Vermont recently passed a GMO labeling law which is now being challenged by lawyers for the Grocery Manufacturer's Association. These corporations seem more eager to spend money on lawyers than to make an effort to be informing consumers of what is actually contained in the products they sell.

Claims that GMOs are proven safe are false, and in some countries GMO companies like Monsanto and Syngenta have been convicted of crimes. In America, activists point out how government agencies are often controlled by people who have conflicts of interest based upon their jobs with biotechnology companies. Anti-GMO activists have organized a campaign to bring attention to these issues, with a 2nd annual "March Against Monsanto" scheduled for May 24th, 2014, to increase public awareness of GM crop hazards. The Miami March will occur at 2:00pm beginning on Biscayne Boulevard near the 14th street Metromover station, across from the Adrienne Arsht Center.