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GMC jimmy ignition switch

Dear Barbara,

I recently have had a weird problem with my 1997 GMC Jimmy.

It was running fine and starting fine until a few days ago. My son was driving it and it stalled on him a few times. The same night when I went out to help him, the dash lights went out and you have to jiggle the key or turn it part of the way, but not directly on until the lights come on (ABS lights, running lights, seatbelt light etc.) When the lights finally come on I know the vehicle will then start so I turn all the way and it starts.

Do you have any idea what this might be? I have been told a few things, and have replaced many parts on this already. I have been told that it can be the starter (which I replaced new last year) and/or ignition switch? Please help as I hate to troubleshoot this more and waste more money guessing.

Thank you very kindly for your assistance,

Sincerely Sandy

Dear Sandy,

It sounds like to me that you simply need an ignition switch being as you can turn the key a certain way in order to get your GMC Jimmy started. You will need to get a mechanic to do this being as he will have to use his special little tools for this job that should cost you about $250.00 to get it fixed.

Thanks for writing in,



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