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GM to launch new seatbelt assurance system for 2015

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GM has developed a new safety system for some of its new 2015 models, including Chevy Cruze, Colorado and Silverado, as well as GMC Sierras in which cars will not shift out of park until the driver and front passengers have buckled up according to spokeswoman Jennifer Ecclestone.

While the new belt assurance system does not use an interlock ignition incorporated in the early 1970s, “these interlocks require seat belts to be fastened before a vehicle can start, and are activated through the sensing and diagnostic module used to detect passenger weights and turn airbags on and off,” she continued. “The SDM detects front seat passengers, and communicates with the brakes and transmission to prevent the driver from shifting the vehicle into gear before both front passengers are buckled up.”

“It is essential for the safety of our customers’ and all drivers’ safety to develop the habit of buckling up each and every time they get into their vehicles,” Jeff Boyer, vice president of GM global vehicle safety said in the statement Monday.

In the meantime, GM is hoping that consumers who choose to have the belt assurance system installed will provide feedback to on their experiences before it becomes standard