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GM's CEO Barra at Congressional hearing: America remembers GM's stimulus package

Mary Barra, the CEO of General Motors (GM), appeared on Tuesday at the House’s subcommittee hearing regarding the recall of 2.53 million small cars for faulty ignition switches. As Barra apologies – particularly to the families of the victims of GM automobiles that caused 13 deaths due to their malfunctions, according to a USA Today report, Americans can likely not help but remember that GM has allegedly only remained in business because it was awarded one of the Obama administration’s 2009 stimulus package benefits.

General Motors

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To be excrutiatingly blunt, it was Americans' tax dollars that kept GM alive while it was allegedly hiding information about malfunctions that were killing people.

General Motors Corp., a failing automaker five years ago, claimed it was closing plants and President Barack Obama and his Democrats came up with the $787 billion stimulus package to help such failing businesses to supposedly save jobs and allegedly recover the American economy.

Months after obtaining stimulus money, GM admitted it lied when it had requested the stimulus money. GM originally said that when it had received $88 million – up to that time - for 5,279 vehicles shipped, it was responsible for creating or retaining more than 105 jobs. However, that assertion was not true. They said that they – and the other automakers who benefitted from the stimulus money - had actually remained static. At the time, GM spokesperson Greg Martin said that the bigger and more important picture was that regardless of where vehicle orders come from, the line continues to run and people continue to work. But, the bottom line is that GM lied about the number of jobs that were not, in fact, created.

Now, the company that was saved by the federal government via the American taxpayers' money – specifically via President Barack Obama and his Democratic Congressional cohorts' bill that passed – is being accused of withholding information from the public regarding automobiles that have had ignition problems for many years – and thereby causing accidents and having killed people.

The GM stimulus money concern now outweighs the pathetic Solyndra controversy over stimulus money which was given to that firm. The tech company cost taxpayers $500 million in 2011 when the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and laid off all its employees in 2011.

Better the stimulus money be wasted by a failed tech company than an automotive company which has cost American lives. Actually, the 13 dead from failed GM autos involved 12 Americans and one person from Canada.

Incidentally, after this past week's GM recall, the number of recalled vehicles has now risen above 5 million.

Of concern is also when a GM patron calls a GM automotive dealership’s service department regarding the recall. Specifically, this writer called Advantage Chevrolet in Hodgkins, Illinois – a western suburb of Chicago - after the news had come out regarding the first GM recall of 2014. The first attempt to get information revealed “service representatives” not knowing anything about the news. In a follow-up call the same week, the “service representatives” claimed that they knew nothing more about the recall than what people were reading or hearing about in the news. A third call to the dealership’s service department sometime later resulted in a “service representative” stating that information was rolling out and that I would get an email with information be day’s end. The information promised over a month ago never came. Additionally, an effort to speak to the general manager or owner of the business was continually denied as – they were allegedly not in. All I ever got from Advantage Chevrolet is an offer for a $25.00 gas card from Service Representative Deena Cassano if I inform her when – and if - I get a 20 question survey from General Motors. I never got the survey and never heard from GM about the recall as promised. How I wish I would have gotten a GM survey to tell them all of this.

If a consumer has to wait for information from GM rather than the dealership, Advantage Chevrolet should say that and not tell a client that information will be emailed by the end of the day. In other words, GM likely has many, many problems all over the place – from top to "rock bottom."

It can likely be said – at this point – that GM was not a company that should have been saved with American’s tax money.

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