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GM ignition deaths, derelict regulation, who is ultimately behind it all Pt. 3

Protester of GM ignition switch death cover-up in front of GM world headquarters in Detroit, Michigan.
Protester of GM ignition switch death cover-up in front of GM world headquarters in Detroit, Michigan.
Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

Continues from Part 2…

Includes: Obama’s support of Bill Clinton’s partnering with industry deregulation policies established in the 1990s, which continue to allow the pharmaceutical industry, the genetic modified food and drug industry, and the cell phone telecom industry to place the public’s health and the environment’s security at increasing levels of risk (includes corporate and military high-tech impacts on Alzheimer’s and global warming)

Adding the Presidential Seal of Approval

As if the public’s health regulatory system wasn’t corrupted enough by corporate influence, in January of 2011, Barak Obama all but put his stamp of approval on the system in his Executive Order 13563, “Improving Regulation and Regulatory Review,” by citing and reaffirming the values of Clinton’s EO 12866,Regulatory Planning and Review,” of October 1993, which set the tone for the passage of the Daubert Rules of that same year, and for Clinton’s decade-long “partnering with industry” free market policies that took public health and safety deregulations to new heights— creating some of the worst and longest lasting hazardous regulatory public safety moves, virtually indistinguishable from any Republican administration’s efforts, before or after.

Over the course of 8 years, the Clinton administration severely undermined the public’s health and safety in three major industries: the pharmaceutical industry, the genetic modified/bio-tech industry, and the cell phone and wireless telecom industry.

The impacts of which have not only created conditions that produced untold numbers of increased cases of cancers, fetal abnormalities such as autism, brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s, and a host of other debilitating chronic disease conditions, but which has also cost the healthcare system $trillions to treat these, otherwise mostly preventable, conditions, while the respected industries that created them reaped a fortune.

The Pharmaceutical Industry

In 1992, the Clinton administration, along with the strong backing of Republicans in Congress, enthusiastically supported the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PUFA), that was supposedly designed to speed up “much needed” drugs into the American market, by allowing the pharmaceutical industry “to help” the FDA.

This deregulation policy allowed the pharmaceutical industry— whose drugs the FDA is required by law to regulate for safety— to bankroll the budget of the FDA’s new drug review section, directly compromising the regulatory oversight of new drugs released into the market. Currently, the pharmaceutical industry subsidizes roughly one third of the FDA’s budget through PUFA, but of course this allegedly has no effect on current drug safety.

Now, the FDA may warn the public of drugs that can create cancer in them, or kill them, or cause fetal abnormalities in their children. But because of “free market” economic policies— by which the FDA dutifully abides— the FDA will virtually never remove these drugs from the market, because that would apparently impinge on the public’s “freedom to choose to use” these products— regardless of their hazards. (Unless of course the relative risk becomes so outrageously high as to become impossible to ignore).

It's quite a far cry removed from the early 1960s, when the FDA barred the release of Thalidomide into the market— to actually protect the public from the drug's recognized hazards, and not just let the public decide if it still wanted to take the limb deforming drug.

If Thalidomide was ready to be released today, maybe there would be an attached, watered-down warming label— pre-approved of course by the pharmaceutical industry funding the FDA's new drug review section. And maybe there wouldn't even be that.

Like all the rest of the hazardous drugs the FDA now releases into the market, the FDA would likely wait until the damages started showing up in the population (like GM and the National Highway Traffic Safety Association waited on mounting ignition deaths), and then stall for as long as possible so that the pharmaceutical company producing the drug could make as much profit as possible, before taking the most minimal of regulatory actions.

In 1997, the Clinton administration pushed forward legislation to deregulate the pharmaceutical industry’s sales of drugs— allowing for the first time, direct to consumer advertising. And placing the United States, alone with New Zealand, as the only two industrialized nations in the world to allow drug advertising to the public on television ads.

The impact of these two major deregulation policies has vastly increased drug sales in this country. Americans consume the most drugs sold in the word— nearly half the drugs manufactured— which has made the pharmaceutical industry a fortune, along with anyone who has invested in them on Wall Street. While the American public’s health has paid the steepest price.

Because modern pharmaceutical drugs are in great part genetically modified, and even more hazardous than prior generations of pharmaceutical drugs, correctly prescribed pharmaceutical drugs in the U.S. cause an outrageous 120,000 deaths per year, along with seriously and permanently injuring another 2 to 4 million, per year.

Also by being able to directly market their drugs to the public, the pharmaceutical industry has successively joined forces with the U.S. medical industry to fabricate and/or exaggerate “disease conditions,” like atrial fibrillation (AFIB), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and osteoporosis, to label normal aging problems— a weaker and slightly irregular beating heart, weaker lungs, and weaker bones— as suddenly deadly serious conditions requiring swift pharmaceutical intervention. And of course the drugs prescribed for these conditions create far more serious, real disease conditions in the body— up to and including cancer or death— which will require more pharmaceutical intervention, and so on and so on, until the patient is permanently hooked onto pharmaceutical drugs, and hooked into the healthcare “treatment” system.

While those that are not taking pharmaceutical drugs (and those that are) are being indirectly affected by pharmaceutical drugs (genetically modified antibiotics) being used in the meat and dairy industries, which the public ingests remnants of when they consume these products, along with remnants of pharmaceutical drugs that are incompletely filtered out in water treatment facilities, or from the disposal of unused prescription drugs, both of which eventually end up contaminating the nation’s water supply, with over 270 million pounds of pharmaceutical drug runoff per year. (drugs in the meat and dairy industries) (drugs in the water supply)

But apparently not satisfied with the already saturated deluge of pharmaceutical drugs into the American market, or perhaps to give concessions to the pharmaceutical industry to keep them from moving their businesses overseas to get better tax benefits, or in a completely ignorant move to attempt to reign in rising healthcare problems— in great part caused by irresponsible pharmaceutical drug use, along with the public’s exposure to other incompetently regulated hazardous industry products— in October of 2011, Barak Obama issued Executive Order 13588, “to reduce prescription drug shortages.”

A deregulation order to further decrease “time consuming” and apparently “excessive” safety regulations of new drugs, to speed their release into the American market— into a market that already consumes one half of all the drugs sold across the world. Yet despite Americans consuming the most pharmaceutical drugs of any population across the world, they rate last in health among virtually all other industrialized nations across the world, and among most non-industrialized ones.

The Genetic Modified Food and Biotech Industry

Throughout the 1990s, the Clinton administration aggressively promoted the use of biotechnology, both in drug development— creating extremely powerful and dangerous antibiotics (among other types of drugs) that have in turn created extremely powerful and dangerous genetic modified bacterial strains — and in the creation of food products, particularly from the Monsanto Company, the world’s largest GMO (genetic modified organism) food producer.

Clinton placed former corporation lawyer for Monsanto, Michael Taylor, as Deputy Commissioner for Policy at the FDA, where Taylor oversaw the development of the Genetic Modified Organism (GMO) policy. Which included writing the GRAS laws— Generally Regarded As Safe— that hold to this day, and which allege that lab-created genetically modified foods— indicted in causing cancers and fetal abnormalities and chronic disease conditions, and subsequently banned from every industrialized nations across the world, and most non-industrialized ones— are allegedly no different from natural, organic food products.

While at the FDA, Taylor also aggressive promoted Monsanto’s genetically modified bovine growth hormone, which was injected into U.S. beef and dairy herds to increase and speed up growth, and thereby increase profits from meat and dairy products (and is still used to this day) — despite the genetically modified hormone, like other GMOs, being indicted in the increased risk of cancers and fetal abnormalities and chronic disease conditions, from the remnants of the hormone adversely affecting human biology after the public consumes these tainted products.

And additionally, Taylor successively fought not to have bovine growth hormone containing products labeled, to distinguish them from products not having come from hormone injected cows— which was of course accomplished by the “acceptance” of Taylor’s GRAS legislation, which is also duly accepted by the FDA to this day.

And who did Barak Obama place in the FDA’s top regulatory position of Deputy Commissioner of Foods when he took office in 2008? Michael Taylor, who remains there to this day.

(See also a more in depth look at the impacts of GMO foods and the careers of Taylor and other political and corporate corrupted regulators at the FDA, appointed by both the Clinton and the Obama administrations in: “FDA/Monsanto Fraud: No labels for Genetic Engineered (GMO) Foods” at:

The Cell Phone and Wireless Telecom Industry

The Clinton administration backed passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which allowed the mass construction of microwave cell towers across the country. And specifically written into this deregulation act was the added condition that cell tower construction could not be contested on the grounds that the microwave radiation emitted by the towers might produce health problems among the public exposed to them— despite over two decades of prior published expert scientific research having shown just such hazards.

The only requirement that the microwave cell towers must comply with are FCC (Federal Communications Commission) regulations, which of course do not consider the health hazards posed by low-level, non-thermal, microwave exposure— despite over two decades of prior published expert scientific research having shown just such hazards.

The result of this enthusiastically received deregulation legislation, by both Democrats and Republicans in Congress, was that cell phone use soared, quickly followed by the development and exponential growth of Wi-Fi (wireless) laptop computers and other wireless devises and antenna systems.

And in only a few short years, advertising slogans for competing cellular providers, like T-Mobile, have continually readjusted their advertising slogans to crow: “35,000 (cell towers) and counting” to “50,000 and counting”, while other microwave cellular providers, from Sprint to Verizon, boast of who can out cover who as they blanket the country with ever more powerful, low-level, non-thermal, and hazardous, 24-hour microwave radiation.

And with all this so-called “beautiful” microwave coverage and “hot spot” concentrations of intensified microwave radiation to make cell phone and computer and flat screen TV Wi-Fi use more “convenient,” has come wide-ranging, and ever increasing, adverse health effects.

Cancers, fetal abnormalities, widespread neurological disorders, and chronic disease conditions have been on the steady rise in the past short decades during the surge of computer and cell phone and wireless technologies. And there has been no other significant manmade impact during this time frame to account for the steep rise in these abnormal disease conditions, except from the public’s increasing exposure to the completely abnormal, manmade, electromagnetic fields from wireless technologies, chronically penetrating the human body and interfering with the innate, and microscopic, natural electric fields emanating off the body’s atoms and molecules— where all disease and fetal abnormalities ultimately begin.

Minute atomic and molecular electrical fields that are required to exist unadulterated— because they were designed by nature since the beginning of life on the planet to exist only with the backdrop of the natural electromagnetic radiation of the earth’s magnetic field (that surrounds the planet) and the electromagnetic radiation from the sun (heat and light)— to correctly produce the critical molecular reactions required for the correct functioning of all the body’s cells and organs. Which basically covers the entire biology of human beings.

Today, six of ten, or 56% of children aged 8 to 12 own cell phones.

And of course the skulls of children (and teenagers) are much thinner than adults, and microwave radiation from cell phones penetrates much deeper, causing more damage to the brain’s nerve cells.

Today, 85% of teenagers, 14-17, own cell phones, and twice as many children own cell phones today as did in 2004.

And Sprint is now marketing cell phones to 5 year-olds.

That’s right, 5 year-olds, whose skulls are obviously the thinnest of all those currently using cell phones, allowing for the deepest and most destructive microwave damage to the brain’s nerve cells.

Allowing children of this, or any age, to use cell phones and place their brains at completely unnecessary risk of damage should be considered a criminal act, except apparently in America, where it is just considered one more age demographic to exploit for profit.

While apparently not to be outdone by the telecom industry, the government is offering free cell phones to seniors, who— aside from children— are among the most vulnerable to brain disorders, as a result of microwave radiation being emitted into the brain from cell phone use.


And one of those disorders is Alzheimer’s, which the U.S. government and the U.S. healthcare industry have adamantly refused to recognize as being associated with chronic exposure to manmade EMR sources. Despite well over two decades of scientific evidence that has clearly shown that cell phone microwave radiation penetrates the skull and the brain, and in addition to damaging nerve cells directly, also loosens the blood brain barrier and affects them indirectly. (Microwave News Sept/Oct, 1986, p.2)

The blood brain barrier describes how endothelial cells (rectangular shaped cells), which normally make up the walls of all blood vessels, butt up against one another even tighter in the blood vessels servicing the brain and the spinal cord— the central nervous system (CNS)— to keep larger molecules, like proteins, normally kept out of the CNS, from passing through and adversely affecting nerve cell structures in the brain and the spinal cord.

Not only does exposure to manmade microwave radiation loosen the blood brain barrier and allow proteins to pass directly into the brain and initiate plaque formation among nerve cells, leading to nerve cell death and the progression of memory loss and other adverse effects associated with Alzheimer’s, but these larger protein molecules are also allowed to pass into the membrane (meninges) spaces— the dura mater being one of those membranes— that surround the entire brain and envelops sections of it, as well as envelops the entire spinal cord and the entry and exit of nerves to the body, all along the spinal cord.

And when proteins abnormally gain entrance to the spaces bordered by the dura mater membrane, inflammation results, which can lead to severe headache pain in the brain (migraines), or when this occurs in the dura mater membrane of the spinal chord, it can abnormally impact the highly sensitive sensory and motor nerves entering and exiting the spinal cord, and lead to serious complications impacting conditions such as ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s disease)) and MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

For anyone suffering from ALS or MS, or who knows anyone who is, they night do very well to read two excellent articles, written for laypeople, by two highly regarded experts in the field of adverse manmade EMR impacts on human health:

Epidemiologist, Dr. Samual Milham’s “Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s disease) is caused by electric currents applied to or induced in the body” Samual Milham, MD is also author of the book, Dirty Electricity (2010), also very well worth reading.

And Canadian EMR researcher, Magda Havas, PhD’s “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: Biological Effects of Dirty Electricity with Emphasis on Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis” , and co-author with Camilla Rees of the book, Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side Of The Wireless Revolution (2009).

And for excellent research studies on the loosening of the blood brain barrier from exposure to cell phone and wireless microwave radiation:

“Nerve Cell Damage in Mammalian Brain after Exposure to Microwaves from GSM Mobile Phones,” by neurosurgeon, Dr. Leif Salford and associate, Bertil Persson from Lund University, Sweden.

A laboratory study: “Non-thermal activation of the hsp27/p38MAPK stress pathway by mobile phone radiation in human endothelial cells: Molecular mechanism for cancer- and blood-brain barrier-related effects,” by Dariusz. Leszczynski, PhD of the Radiobiology Laboratory of the Department of Research and Environmental Surveillance, STUK – Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, in Helsinki, Finland.

And a human skin study, looking at the same endothelial cells making up blood vessel walls: “Mobile phone radiation might alter protein expression in human skin,” also by Dariusz. Leszczynski.

And for more ways (with further documented studies) on how manmade hazardous industry products can initiate Alzheimer’s, including chronic near exposure to 60Hz power line frequencies, see the Alzheimer’s section in: “Product safety regulations could cut health costs by $1TRILLION per year, Pt 1”

So as the telecom industry moves enthusiastically forward, exposing more and more of the public to increasing levels of microwave radiation, it blatantly ignores the well documented scientific evidence that has been published for decades that shows extremely serious to deadly effects from chronic exposure to low-level, non-thermal, microwave and other forms and combinations of manmade electromagnetic radiation sources emitted from their products.

All of this occurring at a time when children (and teenagers and adults) are recording the highest disease rates ever recorded— particularly with cancer and fetal abnormalities and neurological disorders— with resulting healthcare costs spinning out of control.

Global warming impacts and denials (high-tech and military impacts)

And if the health hazards from cell phone-related technology were not enough, because of the huge energy costs required to produce high-tech products, and high-tech electronics in particular, and because of the CO2 released in the production of electrical energy needed to provide that energy, environmental global warming conditions have been keeping pace, and steadily rising, right along with the “beautiful” microwave coverage.

See also the section: High-tech production drains by far the most electrical energy, and contributes by far the most to global warming conditions in " FRAUD: Regular light bulbs cause global warming, (CFLs PREVENT IT) part 1" at:

But far be it for the American economic policy to dare to impose on the "free market rights" of 20 and 30 and 40 year-olds to play their video games (or get their "essential" cell phone and wireless yearly upgrades)— whose 3-D graphics (and those of cell phones and wi-fi accessory products) are some of the most energy draining, and inessential, "play products" being mass produced today.

And you certainly don't want to criticize the new wave of space tourism flights to the edge of space by airline companies such as Virgin Airlines, which will be dumping tons of global warming emissions, per flight, directly into the upper atmosphere, creating by far the worst intensive damages to the atmosphere's protective layers.

Just so the bored rich, who can spend $250,000 a flight, can get a glimpse of the earth from the edge of space, and return to earth so much more galvanized to save the earth’s atmosphere, after having just severely added to it depletion.

Military impact on global warming

Nor does anyone want to touch "the 800 pound gorilla in the room"— the incalculable damage already done to the earth’s atmosphere from over 300 atmospheric nuclear detonations from the 1950s to the 1980s. Along with over half a dozen thermonuclear explosions detonated by the U.S. military, 100 to 300 miles above the earth’s surface, in the ionosphere, during the 1950s and 1960s under Projects Argus and Starfish, and prompting the former Soviet Union to keep pace. Nuclear explosions designed by the U.S. military to try and alter the evolutionary-created Van Allen Belts (magnetic fields) made up of charge particles within the ionosphere, which protect the earth’s surface from solar radiation.

Why try and alter the composition of the ionosphere that keeps life on earth alive? So the military could try and weaken the natural electronic density in the ionosphere to make it easier to bounce off radio waves generated from the earth’s surface to communicate with its military installations and submarines across the world.

The “problem” with the ionosphere— for the military— is that its charged particles absorb and deflect some of the radio waves the military incessantly bombards it with. So the military took it upon itself to change the situation, with thermonuclear bombs.

But it didn’t stop with thermonuclear explosions in the upper atmosphere. The military eventually graduated to beaming radio frequency radiation into the ionosphere through the HAARP (High Altitude Active Auroral (ionosphere) Research) antenna farm of 180 antennas in southern Alaska— the largest and most powerful focused radio frequency beam in the world— that beamed radiation into the upper atmosphere, 24 hours a day, from 2007 to just this past year.

Before that, the military used two large antenna farms in Wisconsin and Michigan to beam up ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) electromagnetic radiation waves in the 75Hz range, from 1989 to 2004, to communicate with its submarines across the world (Project ELF). (ELFs have much longer wavelengths than radio frequency radio beams generated by HAARP, and can penetrate much deeper into the sea than radio frequency radiation— of course, they also penetrate human beings and anything else that happens to be in their path.)

No one knows what long lasting damage the continual beaming of manmade EMR has had on the ionosphere. And you certainly would never get a straight answer from the military, which to this day is continuing to— as they put it— “manage” the ionosphere for “military purposes.”

And to try and explain to the military that it has no right, whatsoever, to alter or manipulate the earth’s atmospheric layers, which does not belong to it but to the whole planet, is about as futile as trying to explain morals to a sociopath, or to someone who works for the Atlantic Legal Foundation.

The radiofrequency radiation the military beamed up into the ionosphere through HAARP antennas was able to generate ELF signals at an altitude of around 50 miles— about the start of the ionosphere layer— by being able to create a virtual transmitter in the upper atmosphere, by which the military could communicate with its submarines across the world, and thus making the ELF antenna farms in Wisconsin and Michigan obsolete.

And the only place where this could happen is the “electrojet” area of the ionosphere— which is an area with an accumulation of supercharged particles needed for the EMR conversion process to take place— which happens to be over the Arctic.

And since the HAARP antenna system is an “ionospheric heater”— because it excites and heats up areas of the ionosphere— the area below the heating is going to experience accelerated global warming conditions.

And that area below the Arctic electrojet happens to be the polar ice cap, which has receded more in the first decade of the 21st century than it has receded during the entire 100 years of the past twentieth century.

Of course, all this may be coincidental, but what is also a fact is that the ionosphere has shrunk— the density of the air has decreased 2 to 3% per decade for the past 30 years, since projects ELF and HAARP were activated.

And whether or not this is also coincidental, the military has admitted it is pleased with whatever it has achieved so far with altering the ionosphere, which is now more “manageable” for military communication signals— even if that artificial “manageability” means the accelerated death knell for the rest of life on the planet.

And under which political administration was HAARP green lighted for construction in 1996?

The Clinton/Gore administration, with Al Gore later becoming the most prominent voice of global warming trends.

But Al Gore can’t say he didn’t know what to expect from HAARP, because the military’s objectives— including multiple references to manipulating the ionosphere by adding large amount of energy into it— where clearly written in its patent application, and readily available for examination, before its construction was green lighted.

U.S. Patent No. 4,686,605 (for HAARP) August 11, 1987,Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth's atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere” reads:

“…Thus, this invention provides the ability to put unprecedented amounts of power in the Earth’s atmosphere at strategic locations and to maintain the power injection level particularly if random pulsing is employed, in a manner far more precise and better controlled than heretofore accomplished by the prior art, particularly by detonation of nuclear devices of various yields at various altitudes… ” (page12)

And for more on the military applications of HAARP:

"Vandalism In The Sky"

"U.S. global climate change weapon called HAARP"

Scapegoats for global warming

But rather than confront and address the real, major, adverse impacts of global warming, it has apparently been far better to find an easy scapegoat— like to apparently pretend to address the global warming issue by banning completely energy insignificant draining regular standard incandescent light bulbs, which also happened to be one of the last, remaining completely biologically safe, and essential, electronic products.

And far better apparently to flood the market with multiple biologically hazardous, high-tech electronic, compact fluorescent light replacement bulbs— replete with completely fraudulent and exaggerated energy savings claims— which will only increase and add to the already out-of-control health problems confronting the U.S. population.

Meanwhile, Obama's solution to the global warming problem— aside from ineffectual cap and trade "regulations," designed to placate the electrical, coal and natural gas industries, by allowing them to make even more profits through the trading of CO2 emissions among themselves, and aside from some minor reductions in auto and truck emissions, while saying absolutely nothing about gas guzzling SUVs which are the most popular autos being sold— has been to create “climate hubs” to inform ranchers and farmers on what to expect (more rains, pests, wild fires, etc.) with increased global warming trends. (cap and trade ineffectual global warming initiatives) (climate hubs)

More “feel-good let’s discuss the problem” policies, as opposed to responsible regulations to actually do something about the obvious, glaring problem that has been causing the lion’s share of global warming since global warming’s greatest rise, starting in the 1980s, and which has steadily increased right alongside it every passing decade since— the steady, increased, unchecked production of mostly inessential, and hugely energy draining to produce, high-tech products. (To say nothing of the apparently “untouchable” military impact, which apparently conveniently hides behind the fraudulent misuse of the national security argument, like corporations hide behind free market enterprise justifications to avoid product safety regulations.)

Obama, whose two major focuses of his presidency have been global warming and the public’s health, like Clinton, is an enthusiastic supporter of all things high-tech, while, like the cell phone industry, remains blissfully ignorant of the accompanying and wide-spread health and environmental hazards.

Healthcare impacts

While Obama’s “solution” to the public’s growing healthcare problems— specifically caused by the increased deregulation of the safety of industry products, like cell phone technology— is not to increase safety regulations to reduce the harmful impacts on the public’s health, but to keep on the same track as forged by the Clinton administration, and acquiesce to unchecked corporate profit agendas and decreased product safety regulations.

And instead, through Obamacare, to require everyone to be covered with healthcare insurance— which will have absolutely zero effect in reducing the out-of-control healthcare problems, and which will actually be increasing them— by covering up their cause— the increasing deregulation of unsafe industry product exposures.

(See also: "The Affordable Care Act: a fraud to allow the public to become increasingly sick" )

While adding absurdity to the already absurd, central to Obamacare are not incentives like rebates on health insurance premiums to encourage the public to stay healthy, and not unnecessarily access the healthcare system, but incentives to encourage to public to increase pharmaceutical drug use, as an alleged way to improve the public’s health, which only increases their unnecessary access of the health care system.

While overseeing and assuring the success of the program is a president and a lawyer with zero background in biology, the sciences or medicine.

End Part 3

Part 4 continues with: Obama’s regulatory policy straight out of the halls of the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis, Reforming the regulatory system by focusing on reversing or restricting: Daubert Rules, the Data Quality Act, the Office of Information and Regulation, and the Harvard Center of Risk Analysis, and setting the groundwork for rebuilding a truly sustainable economy.

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