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GLYCELENE™ - 100% Natural, Organic & Vegan Skincare

If you’re searching for high quality natural products that contain the best organic ingredients and will always be vegan, you’re in luck. Glycelene is the best revolutionary product for you. Glycelene’s breathable, wax-free ointments are the first products Kim Borio and her chemist, Eric, created.

Kim Borio, a well known celebrity makeup artist, has been traveling the globe for most of her life exploring a wide range of cultures in over 60 countries. Kim discovered the natural beauty secrets from each country and was taught different homeopathic remedies to treat dry, cracked, dehydrated and exposed skin from natural sources.

While on her travels, Kim met her boyfriend, Eric, an innovative chemist who specializes in natural formulations while using cutting edge technology. They got together and created 3 different kinds of 100% Natural, Organic and Vegan breathable, petroleum free ointments.


A multi-use, certified organic ointment that heals and protects the skin. So pure, it’s edible. This product is anti-microbial and has a blend of Certified organic ingredients such as Organic (vegetable derived) Glycerin , Organic Sunflower Seed Oil and Organic (fair trade) Shea Butter. Glycelene also has their own proprietary olive oil blend that adds extra nourishment. Excellent for:

• Cracked Heals and feet
• Dry hands & cuticles
• Chaffing
• Elbows
• Lips
• Cuts and Burns
• Baby’s skin
• Pets

Know more about Vegan Ointment


Our Star Product! The Beauty Ointment is the only breathable anti-aging ointment. It’s the ultimate hydration, and also doubles as a moisture mask at night. This product rejuvenates the skin while repairing. It’s perfect for the entire lip and eye area, neck and décolletage. This beauty “must-have” is packed with Organic oils and antioxidants such as Açai oil, Passionfruit oil, Babassu oil, Rosemary Leaf extract, Vitamin E and Coq10. This wrinkle reducer is also anti-microbial and fragrance free. Know more about Beauty Ointment.


In demand by users because this unique cream mimics a steroid but is 100% Natural, Organic & Vegan. It’s made to soothe eczema, irritations, heat rash and other skin conditions. Made with the ancient grain Sorghum, this soothing ointment lowers irritation while repairing your skin. Instead of breaking down the connective tissue like a cortical steroid will do after prolonged use, the Tea Tree Oil reduces histamine release by Mast cells naturally. It also has a high level a colloidal oat, a natural skin healer. Another star ingredient is German Chamomile. The brilliant blue of German Chamomile marks it as a source high in azulene (a singularly effective agent against infections). German Chamomile is known as a strong skin healer, and it works well for such skin ailments as acne, eczema, dermatitis, and more.

This anti-microbial product is applied by rubbing it between your hands to melt the product, and lightly rubbing or patting on affected area. This product can be applied as many times as needed. Know more about Eczema Ointment.

Glycelene ointments look very simple, but I assure you, this was not an easy product to create. The technology is incredibly cutting edge. It is very difficult to create a safe and effective ointment with the feeling of a petroleum jelly without actually using petroleum, silicone, chemicals and beeswax....any wax for that matter. Give Glycelene a try. Our products have a shelf life of 3 years and are:

  • Gluten free
  • Non GMO
  • Paraben free
  • Cruelty free
  • Sulfate free
  • Preservative free

Glycelene always uses the highest quality ingredients, is always eco-friendly and innovative. These products are handcrafted by Kim and Eric at Borio Laboratories in Dana Point, CA. Kim and Eric never tests on animals. “We mix old world wisdom with new world technology.”

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