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Abstract Library

Although I've been gluten-free for several years and I recently stumbled across something I have never encountered before: soy milk with wheat and barley extract.

One day while I was shopping at a local health food store, I picked up a particular brand of soy milk to check on the sweetness factor and was mortified with what I found: wheat and barley extract.

For the past several years I had been avoiding soy milk more and more and drinking my favorite lattes less and less. Begrudgingly, I had started switching to almond milk, coconut milk, hemp milk and rice milk in an effort to avoid gastrological distress. But there were times...when I still gave into the calling of my favorite soy milk latte with caramel sauce, and often paid the price later.

I thought maybe the problem was that I was too caffeinated, or maybe drinking soy lattes on an empty stomach was causing the symptoms. Coffee too late in the day? Stress from work on the days I drank lattes? Certainly it couldn't be my soy latte...anything but that!

But on that day at the store, standing with the carton of Organic EdenSoy Extra in my hands, reading the ingredients including Naturally Malted Organic Wheat and Barley Extract, it all became crystal clear. All of a sudden the past few years of soy-latte-belly-aches made sense.

I called the coffee shop to confirm my soy latte diagnosis, and learned they used this exact brand, with these ingredients! Without haste, I sent the corporate office a message requesting a gluten free milk alternative. To my delight they were not only receptive to my request, but are already looking into alternatives. In the meantime, I suppose iced coffee will just have to do!