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Gluten-free Valentine's day meal ideas that satisfy!

Special Valentine's date night meal
Special Valentine's date night meal
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Valentine’s Day is once again upon us and you say you don’t want to go out and fight crowds and overpriced dinners? On top of that you or your sweetheart have to or choose to eat gluten-free? Why not just stay home and make a delicious meal that you’ll love and you know won’t make you sick. No one needs that on a special date night! Here are three ideas for meals for your special date on Valentine’s Day.

On the light side-for a beginning dish why not try Chickpea Bajane for a little Provençal experience. Now that you’ve had your starter, next up are Pan-seared scallops with bacon and spinach. Now for dessert, the best part right? In keeping things on the light side with this meal, try Raspberry lemon cheesecake cookies that would make a delicious finish to this light meal.

Another delicious meal idea to please your Valentine that’s a little on the heartier (not heavy) side might be starting off with a Cape Cod chopped salad. Next up Balsamic roasted beef and for dessert a delicious and easy gelato affogato, so you get your coffee and dessert in one!

And last but certainly not least how about a gluten-free Caesar salad followed by chicken with herbed goat cheese. For dessert with this one you might try an old-fashioned apple crisp. You will have to substitute out the flour for gluten-free flour and have gluten-free oatmeal as well but that is not a big deal these days and it will be worth it.

All you need to do is just add your favorite vegetable with the entree and you're good to go. So go ahead and plan on making a delicious gluten-free Valentine’s Day meal that won’t disappoint you or your loved one this year, after all who needs the crowds and high prices when you can make something every bit as good at home!