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Gluten-free red velvet is coming to Sprinkles Cupcakes in Lenox

Gluten-free is on the menu at Sprinkles Cupcakes
Sprinkles Cupcakes

If you are looking for me on January 24, drive down to Sprinkles Cupcakes and Ice Cream at Lenox Square Mall where you will find me patiently waiting in line for a gluten-free red velvet cupcake. This new cupcake bakery offers gluten-free cupcakes (topped with a red "G") every day, but they only make one flavor, red velvet. This location of Sprinkles will also feature a Sprinkles ATM that dispenses cupcakes 24 hours a day, so people can satisfy their cupcake fix at any time.

Sprinkles wouldn't share their confidential ingredient list, but I can share that the cupcakes contain both dairy and eggs. The flour blend used for the gluten-free cupcakes is made with a blend of garbanzo bean flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, whole grain sweet white sorghum flour, and fava bean flour. Of course, there are cross contamination concerns because the gluten-free cupcakes are baked in a shared environment and they are subject to airborne wheat flour, so it is good to learn that they have instituted measures to limit contamination.

They use separate mixing bowls, tools (spatulas, whisks, etc.), baking pans, and baking scoops for the gluten-free cupcakes. Additionally, it is Sprinkles practice to thoroughly clean all kitchen equipment and surfaces in between production of batches. They keep the gluten-free cupcakes in the back of the store on their own rack covered in plastic and not in the display case with their gluten cupcakes. Additionally, employees are trained to ask customers if they would like their gluten-free cupcakes packaged separately from their other ones and a fresh glove is always used when handling them.

On Friday, Sprinkles Cupcakes will be baking 10 golden tickets inside cupcakes, hiding 10 inside ice cream pints and hiding 10 inside boxes at the Cupcake ATM. What great incentive to head over to the grand opening with a chance to win one of 30 $100 gift cards.

Will you try a gluten-free red velvet cupcake from Sprinkles?

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