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Gluten-free products are now eligible for an incremental tax credit for 2013.

There are many tax advantages that Calgary families can be eligible for.
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For many families in Calgary, putting things together including child care receipts, medical invoices and even organizing your tax credits can be a hassle. Remember that you do have until the end of April 2014 in order to file, but the sooner you start your tax year paperwork, the sooner you can complete and file them.

There are many tax credits that Calgary families may not be aware of when doing their taxes for the 2013 taxation year. It is important that you are informed and take advantage of all the benefits offered to you and your family to maximize your refund.

You can visit the Canada Revenue Agency website to see all of the current tax credits that you may be eligible for. Some of the current tax credits are:

  • Family caregiver tax credit: up to $300 tax credit for taking care of an eligible dependent.
  • Children's arts tax credit: up to $75 per child to a maximum of $500 for enrollment of a artistic, cultural, recreational or developmental activity.
  • Children's fitness tax credit: up to $75 per child to a maximum of $500 for enrollment of a program of physical activity.
  • Public transit tax credit: helps cover cost of monthly public transit passes or annual pass travel within Canada on public transit for 2013.
  • Volunteer firefighter tax credit: you may be able to claim an amount of $3,000 if you are a volunteer firefighter.

A new eligible tax credit that the Canada Revenue Agency recognizes is the cost of gluten-free products as an eligible medical expense. Persons who suffer from Celiac disease are entitled to claim the incremental costs associated with the purchase of gluten-free products. Incremental costs is the difference of GF(gluten-free) products compared to the cost of similar non-GF products.

In order to support a medical claim for GF products on your income tax return you must have supporting documents if you need to produce them at a later date. These include:

  1. a letter from a medical practitioner confirming individual suffers from Celiac disease and requires GF products
  2. a receipt to support the cost of each GF product claimed
  3. summary of each item purchased during 12-month period for which medical expenses are being claimed (see website for example)

If you or someone in your household suffers from Celiac disease or gluten intolerance be sure to explore your options to get this tax benefit on your 2013 taxes.

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