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Gluten-free pizza at home: bisquick

Tasty gluten-free Bisquick pizza.
Tasty gluten-free Bisquick pizza.
Will Ferrall

While it is rather expensive at about five dollars for a somewhat small box, the gluten-free (GF) version of Bisquick delivers when it comes to crafting a pizza. GF Bisquick creates a greasy, thick, extremely tasty crust that can hold its own, without crumbling upon pick-up, and without an odd aftertaste that can sometimes accompany mix-based GF pizzas. The greatest surprise of all, perhaps, is that any leftover GF Bisquick pizza tastes excellent, even after a reheat round in the microwave. For those who wish to try it, GF Bisquick can be bought at all supermarkets in the Lafayette area, including Walmart, Marsh, and Payless.

For the recipe, one can look at the side of a box of GF Bisquick, or visit an online version here.