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Gluten-Free pizza at Bacco Trattoria in Boulder

The Gluten-Free Bistro has partnered with Bacco Trattoria in Boulder to offer gluten-free pizza for celiac and gluten-intolerant customers. The number of restaurants in the Boulder area offering gluten-free pizza and pasta is increasing at an exciting rate, due in part to the enthusiasm of the ladies at The Gluten-Free Bistro. See their recent press release for more information.

One of the newest restaurants in Boulder, Bacco Trattoria, located at 1200 Yarmouth, in the Uptown Broadway Shops, is now serving The Gluten Free Bistro’s Neapolitan style pizza crust, as their gluten free option. Bacco’s pizza selections such as the Salamino, Romana and Rustica, all taste spectacular atop a gluten-free crust cooked to perfection. Marco Monnanni, Chef and Partner of Bacco Trattoria, taps into ages of ancestral Italian cooking. Each time Chef Marco is in the kitchen, he brings a rich love of Italian cuisine that he has so skillfully learned through the years. So, welcome Bacco Trattoria to Boulder and enjoy another great dining experience being gluten-free.

The Gluten-Free Bistro has worked hard to make their recipes healthy and full of wholesome ingredients. With applesauce and garlic, the pizza crust is natural and flavorful.

The Gluten Free Bistro is dedicated to providing products with ingredients that delicious and nutritious, so you can eat gluten-free and eat healthfully. The Gluten Free Bistro’s products contain whole grain, gluten-free flours that provide what average gluten-free products lack: protein, fiber, and B vitamins. We are dedicated to making products that are all natural, cholesterol free, trans fat free, and low in sodium.
The Gluten Free Bistro was founded by three gluten-intolerant locals who were dissatisfied with the gluten-free foods available. After many years, they have perfected delicious, nutritious gluten-free products and are pleasing the palates of all who taste them. These products are truly nutritious and provide B vitamins, protein, fiber and minerals. The company's creators include two nutritionists and a self-proclaimed "foodie" who grew up around everything made from scratch. Now, those with gluten intolerance and celiac disease can order pizza or fresh-style pasta in a trendy restaurant or pizzeria and have the same dining experience as everyone else. Please enjoy our products in Boulder, Denver and the surrounding areas. Please visit for a complete directory of restaurants that carry our product or call 720.329.3254. Join our fan club on Facebook (The Gluten Free Bistro’s Famous Pizza Crust) or follow us on Twitter (gfreebistro) to keep on top of the latest news.

Beware of imitators that offer inferior ingredients and taste! Ask for The Gluten Free Bistro’s products when ordering.

Julie McGinnis, M.S., R.D.
The Gluten Free Bistro


  • Dean Rotbart 5 years ago

    Do you have any idea of the carb count of these pizzas? I'd love a good pizza that is low in carbs.

  • Tiffany, Denver GF Food Examiner 5 years ago

    Hi Dean, I don't know the carb count, but I am sure the owners do! They are very helpful. Feel free to contact them via the contact information at the bottom of the article. Thanks for your comment!

  • 5 years ago

    There are 28 gms of carbohydrate in a 2 ounce slice of our 12 inch pizza; also 3 gms of fiber, & 3 gms of protein. Hope that helps!!

  • MaryClare 5 years ago

    Parisi's Italian restaurant in NW Denver (44th & Tennyson) also has a gluten-free pizza. I tried it and it's very good...a bit on the thin side and they could add more toppings, but it's great to have a g-f pizza as I haven't had pizza in so long....

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