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Gluten-free pasta and pizza finds at Expo West 2014

Gluten-free rice ramen from Lotus Foods
Gluten-free rice ramen from Lotus Foods
Lotus Foods

People who follow a gluten-free diet will go the extra mile to enjoy pizza, since it is one of the top missed comfort foods, so it is no wonder there were a number of new gluten-free pizzas to try at Expo West. Pasta is another comfort food that people will go to great lengths to replace. Not all palates are the same, so variety is key. Here is the third installment of my favorite picks for gluten-free pasta and pizza.


  • Lotus Foods - has introduced a line of rice ramen noodles in six varieties: Forbidden Rice Ramen with Miso Soup, Jade Pearl Ramen with Miso Soup, Millet and Brown Rice Ramen with Miso Soup, Organic Forbidden Rice Ramen Cake, Jade Pearl Rice Ramen Cake, and Millet and Brown Rice Ramen Cake. Their ramen cakes are very tasty and should be available at most Whole Foods. 3rd Party testing through Eurofins


  • Absolutely Gluten Free Pizza - introduced pizzas made on cauliflower crusts in two options: Cheese, and Non-dairy Cheese. Pretty tasty pizzas and they are definitely low on carbohydrates. GFCO Certified
  • Gluten Free Bistro - three new mini pizzas called Bistro Bites in three flavors: Margherita, Pepperoni, and Greek Vegan. GFCO Certified
  • Sonoma Flatbreads by Donatos - has added Chicken and Fire Roasted Peppers to its lineup. They weren't sampling it out, but I have a freezer full of their pizzas (made on Udi's Gluten Free crust) and they are darn tasty. GFCO Certified
  • Wholly Wholesome - is adding gluten-free pizza dough to its offerings. This frozen dough is free of: dairy, casein, eggs, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, and corn. NSF Certified Gluten-Free

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