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Gluten-free italian food: Pasta D'arte

Pasta D'arte, near Milwaukee and Devon.
Pasta D'arte, near Milwaukee and Devon.

Pasta D'Arte is a popular place with far North Siders, but it hasn't yet taken off as a celiac Italian hub, like Vinci or Da Luciano. There is no gluten-free menu, and its website makes no mention of gluten-free options. When it comes to GF eats, D'arte is the strong, silent type.

By casually mentioning that you have celiac, your server will point out everything on the menu you can safely eat. For a starter, you can order a traditional Caprese Salad, with beefsteak tomato and mozzarella. True, it's a dish you can have at any Italian restaurant, but here, there's no need to sweat about cross-contamination.

A dish you can't have at any Italian restaurant? Rigatoni with vodka sauce and prosciutto. They'll substitute the rigatoni with great-tasting gluten-free pasta, and will make the same substitution for a number of pasta entrees.

You can enjoy your wheat-free version of pasta favorites in D'arte's cozy dining room, or brave the heated covered patio in the winter. In the summer, the covers come off the patio, which might beat out every gluten-free space in Chicago for ambiance.

Pasta D'arte's gluten-free business might rely on word of mouth, but once that word gets out, it'll be added to every list of reliable gluten-free restaurants in Chicagoland.

Pasta D'arte Trattoria Italiana
6311 North Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL 60646-3710
(773) 763-1181