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Gluten-free frozen, meat, and meat alternative finds at Expo West 2014

The fourth installment of my Expo West articles covers my favorite picks for gluten-free meat, meat alternatives, and natural mashed potato flakes. There were many contenders, but I limited my list to the top ones. All of these products should start arriving on store shelves over the next couple of months, so be on the lookout.

Gluten-free Chinese Noodles & Cashew Cream Sauce from Amy's Kitchen
Gluten-free Chinese Noodles & Cashew Cream Sauce from Amy's Kitchen
Jennifer Harris


  • Amy's Kitchen - Chinese Noodles & Veggies with Cashew Cream Sauce, is made with organic rice noodles, veggies, and tofu (dairy free and vegan). They also added Thai Green Curry to their entree selections. No 3rd Party Certification; Internal lab tests for gluten
  • Starfish - announced that its products are now Non-GMO Project verified. I am a fan of their gluten-free line of fresh caught breaded fish. CSA Certified


  • Shelton's - their new line of handmade turkey meat sticks in three flavors (original, pepperoni and jalapeno) are also soy and dairy free. These meat sticks are pretty long (pardon the pun) and they sell for $1.99 each. Because they are handmade the textures are going to differ between production runs, so some of the ones I tried had a tough skin, while others didn't.
  • Teton Waters Ranch - was sampling out their 100% grass-fed beef made without hormones, antibiotics, and it is free of nitrites/nitrates. I tried their frankfurter and it was so tender and flavorful. I am always on the lookout for 'real' meat and I was glad to find them at the event. Written statements from our partners and they take these statements very seriously

Meat Alternative

  • Beyond Meat- had the most creative and 'pushing the boundaries' booth at Expo West. They were serving up their version tacos with their plant-based meats and the line was around the corner. Their goal was to allow people to think differently about plant-based options and it worked. I tried their beef-free crumbles, made with pea protein, that are also soy free. Pretty tasty and the texture worked too. GFCO Certified
  • Neat - this is a powder made from nuts, beans, and oats that cooks up to form burgers, crumbles, patties, or non-meat balls. All you have to add is water and eggs (vegan eggs work too), stir, and cook until it browns. It is dairy and soy free too. Check out the video to see how it is made. GFCO Certified


  • Idahoan Foods - sampled out new all natural mashed potato mixes in two flavors: Buttery Homestyle and Roasted Garlic. I actually cook with mashed potato flakes because I have found they make a terrific binder when working with meats (meatballs, meatloaf, etc.) and they serve as a great thickener for soups/stews. These flakes have few ingredients and they manage to taste quite creamy.

I can't wait to find these products on stores shelves in my area. What product interests you?

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