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Gluten-free foods that always were and still are

Often, people will remark about how expensive gluten-free foods (both prepared and ingredients) are compared to products that are not. They would be right. A simple box of gluten-free crackers by a major gluten-free food manufacturer costs on average about $3.99. A similar (and larger) box of crackers from another major food manufacturer of gluten ingredient products costs on average $2.49.

Carroll Shelby's Chili Kit seasoning mix.
Leeanne Rebic Hay

It is understandable that converting a production line to gluten-free has an expense to it. But if a company only manufactures gluten-free foods, shouldn’t they have some savings to pass along to their customer? Or, are they just trying to take advantage of people who have to eat differently for health reasons?

Thankfully, there are a lot of products out there that have always been gluten-free, are easily available in supermarkets and warehouse stores like Costco at 1701 Dallas Parkway, in Plano (for other locations see ). Every now and then these products go on sale, and manufacturers frequently have coupons on their websites. Here are some you might want to try out.

Smucker’s Simply Fruit Spreadable Fruit ( is richly and naturally flavored. It is delicious used as jam, an ice cream topping, or warmed up for a dipping sauce (Simply Fruit Peach jam on a grilled chicken breast with a dash a cayenne pepper is a favorite).

Mission Foods (tortilla strips, corn tortillas, and taco shells) makes a variety of products that contain 100% corn flour/meal. On ingredient lists this manufacturer will specify ‘no allergens’ if a product doesn’t contain wheat, soy, or dairy. Their website provides recipes for their products. See (Note: If you are highly sensitive to wheat, these products may not be for you because the corn products are manufactured in a factory that also produces items with gluten.)

Carroll Shelby’s Chili Kit is filled with all the gluten-free spices and seasonings you will need to make a great big pot of chili spiced to your taste. All you need to add is the meat, tomato sauce and water. In less than 45 minutes, dinner is on the table… especially if you also set out some of those chips mentioned above. See this company’s website for a nice variety of recipes using this easy kit. ( )

Seeds of Change is company that started out as an organic seed company. They have grown to include certified organic foods and many are gluten-free. A favorite that is easy to find and make (because it comes in a “heat-and-eat” package) is the ‘Quinoa and Brown Rice’. Great as a side dish or used in a casserole, this product has 6 grams of protein in a generous 1cup serving. They have wonderful recipes on their website for unique and easy dishes to enjoy their products. An especially good one is for ‘Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms.’ (

The list of foods that have always been gluten-free (and still are) is a long one. Subscribe to this page to learn more in the coming weeks and where to find these products in your neighborhood.

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