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Gluten-free falafel in Chicago

Chicago is a great city for eating out and for its variety of restaurants.  Almost anything you crave can be found at any hour of the day.  However, for someone with celiac this is more of a challenge, because we can no longer eat what is put in front of us, but we must ask questions of how the food is prepared and the ingredients to determine if it is safe for us.

One of my favorite meals is falafel and there seems to be more and more gluten-free falafel places from which to choose.  Some places actually advertise that their falafel is gluten-free, such as Falafill in Lakeview, and some places just serve falafel that is naturally gluten-free and always has been, such as Sultan's Market, with locations in Lincoln Park and Wicker Park.

Sultan's Market is more of your indie old school Middle Eastern eatery with traditional sides such as Lebanese rice, lentil soup as well as various meat dishes.  For a more detailed review, read here.

Falafill is a new, modern concept that allows one to order falafel and then go to a serve--yourself toppings bar and add endless combinations of salads and sauces, and delicious sweet potato fries.  Read here for a more detailed review.

These are only two examples or where you can get tasty gluten-free falafel in the city, but please keep in mind, not all falafel is gluten-free, and some use wheat flour as an ingredient, so it is always important to ask.


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