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Gluten-free eating with ancient grains in modern foods

Look for labels on products that contain ancient grains in gluten-free pasta and pizza.
Look for labels on products that contain ancient grains in gluten-free pasta and pizza.
Leeanne Rebic Hay

When you have to eat gluten-free (g-f) foods, making every bite of food a tasty and nutritious one becomes an important achievement of a grocery store shopping list or restaurant menu selection. Warning: There is a lot of bad tasting g-f food out there as former wheat-a-holics will confirm.

However, thankfully there is an emerging trend to use different grains that seem to achieve what g-f people are looking for that accomplishes the dual goals of no gluten and great taste. Many of these products are often labeled with the words ‘ancient grains.’

Ancient grains may seem to have a mysterious air to them or make you think of weird, hard to say ingredients like quinoa (pronounced: keen-wah). And, you would be right. Quinoa, amaranth, teff, and buckwheat (which isn’t wheat, but a fruit-type seed related to rhubarb) are just a few of the ancient grains that do not contain gluten.

When food manufacturers add the flours made from these grains to everyday products like g-f pasta and pizza crusts which are usually rice or corn based, a result can be a higher protein product that often tastes just like its non-gluten-free counterpart.

One of those products is Nature’s Earthly Choice Quinoa Blend Pasta imported from Italy. This might seem like a long, fancy name for a product which is expensive and hard to find, but that would be the wrong conclusion to draw.

Over one pound in package size, this product provides 4 grams of protein per generous serving and can be found at the Walmart Neighborhood Market at 3312 Preston Road at Parker Road. You can find this and many other gluten-free products in the huge 16 linear foot display at this location. (To find a location near you click on: )

Another product with big taste is Smart Flour Foods Pepperoni Pizza made right down south of Plano in Austin, Texas and sold in the freezer section at the Whole Foods Store at 2201 Preston Road. Crunchy and delicious, their pizza will make you appreciate how good gluten-free can be in taste and texture.

Smart Flour Foods began in 2005 and offers free shipping on their website for a variety of their products. If you don’t feel like cooking, they also provide a list of area restaurants where their products are served.

Looking for products that feature the words ‘ancient grains’ may seem like a challenging task, but if you are like me, you might enjoy the hunt for some old ingredients that are making a big comeback in today’s gluten-free products.

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