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Gluten-free cupcakes spell out sweet prom proposal

Jennifer Harris

It all started with cupcakes, gluten-free cupcakes! Most of you know I have an Italian exchange student named Giorgia staying with us who has celiac disease. Giorgia has a serious sweet tooth, which is actually worse than mine, and cupcakes are her favorite. When a boy in her class, Bradley, wanted to ask her to prom, he made gluten-free cupcakes (from scratch on his own) to spell out "Prom??"

Bradley scoured the Internet for a recipe and then asked me where he could purchase gluten-free flour. Not wanting the cupcakes to possibly taste unpleasant, I had him drop by my house and pick up his supplies. The resulting humongous cupcakes were made using Glutino Foods' all-purpose flour, they were frosted with Pamela's Products dark chocolate frosting, and they were topped with white chocolate chips that spelled out his question.

Bradley has never tried gluten-free baking before and I have to admit the cupcakes were delicious and I stole one or two of them. They were made with buttermilk, so they were incredibly moist and flavorful with a pound cake texture. Giorgia said yes! I mean, who can turn down a prom proposal when gluten-free cupcakes are involved?

Bradley is a pretty good guy and I love that he went the distance to make sure Giorgia's prom proposal was sweet and tasty!