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Gluten-free chicken nuggets available nationwide at Jason's Deli

J.D. Nuggetz at Jason's Deli
J.D. Nuggetz at Jason's Deli
Jason's Deli

Jason's Deli's dedicated gluten-sensitive menu was created in 2010 and it has seen many positive changes since its inception. At first, guests could choose from soups, salads, sides, stuffed potatoes, and dessert. Later that same year, sandwiches made with Udi's Gluten Free whole grain bread were added. Now, Jason's increases its gluten-free options again by adding JD Nuggetz made with all white meat, antibiotic-free chicken, coated in cornmeal and baked, not fried.

I can't even begin to count the number of times I have been to Jason's Deli with my daughter because it has been her favorite place to eat for years. Even though she doesn't have to eat gluten free, she loves quality chicken nuggets, so we will probably order them on our next visit. The nuggets are served with organic apples and a choice of milk or juice. Honey mustard, ranch, and ketchup are available for dipping sauces.

According to the company, Jason's works closely with its vendors to source products that meet their standards of containing no: trans-fats, high fructose corn syrup, processed MSG, and artificial colors and dyes. When one of their vendors presented the nuggets, they were put to the test by their Research and Development team in their test kitchen and they passed with flying colors. After receiving positive feedback from their test deli locations, the nuggets were added to the company-wide permanent menu in April 2014.

Jason's encourages guests to tell their order taker if their child (or parent) has gluten intolerance. I didn't realize that each location has a gluten-sensitive kit that contains a dedicated cutting board, knife, dressing spreaders, toasting plates, and gloves. Everything in the kit is color coded purple, which alerts employees that a gluten-free order is being prepared in addition to the order taker communicating this verbally. Hands are washed, gloves are changed, and entrees are prepared on deli paper on top of the dedicated cutting board.

While Jason's trains all of their employees in the proper handling of gluten-free items, they're not a 100% gluten-free environment, which means there will always be a risk of cross contact.

Have you tried the gluten-free nuggets yet? What did you think?

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