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Gluten-free bar food: The Happ Inn

The Happ Inn, near the Willow West exit off the Edens.
The Happ Inn, near the Willow West exit off the Edens.

Hitchhiking hasn't been in vogue since the Seventies, but you might consider thumbing it up the Edens now that you know about The Happ Inn in Northfield and it's gluten-free menu.

Happ just released a new gluten-free menu on February 2, and it's got a variety of upscale bar food to choose from. Appetizers include guacamole with tortilla chips and a shrimp cocktail with housemade cocktail sauce.

You can also order one of Happ's salads, like the salmon salad or the meat-heavy tossed cobb, with ham, chicken and bacon.

If you still crave more meat, Happ offers several burger variations that can be served on a gluten-free bun or in a "lettuce cup." The burgers come with french fries that are prepared in a separate fryer from the restaurant's other fries. Sandwich fans can get either a salmon sandwich or an ahi tuna steak sandwich.

Entrees include build-your-own-tacos on corn tortillas, BBQ baby back ribs, skirt steak with lime butter, or honey-glazed salmon. Vegetarians can opt for the roasted vegetable pizza.

With its pleasant and accommodating wait staff, The Happ Inn is worth the trip to the 'burbs for burger and fry-deprived celiacs. Even if bar food isn't your bag, you're sure to find something to your liking on its extensive gluten-free menu.

The Happ Inn
305 Happ Inn
Northfield, IL 60093


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