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Gluten-free baking and bread finds at Expo West 2014

Gluten-free shake and pour pancake mix from Freedom Foods
Gluten-free shake and pour pancake mix from Freedom Foods
Jennifer Harris

This is the first year attending Expo West that I felt the need for an assistant, or rather a team of people to walk the floor full of natural food companies with gluten-free offerings. Since I have already penned my top 20 favorite products, I wanted to put out more in-depth articles that encompass all of my gluten-free finds at the event.

First up are baking and bread finds.


  • Freedom Foods - has created two shake and pour pancake mixes: Regular and Ancient Grains (with quinoa). Each requires only the addition of water to create pancakes. Both mixes are free of: dairy, soy, eggs, and nuts. No 3rd Party Certification; Internal Testing
  • Immaculate Baking Company - will launch three gluten-free mixes in July: Double Chocolate Chip Cookies, Sugar Cookie, and Chocolate Chip Cookie. I wonder why they are moving away from the pre-made dough, which really set them apart, to a mix? They also offer Fudge Brownie Cookie Dough (dairy free) and Peanut Butter Cookie (dairy free) Dough. GFCO Certified
  • Pascha Organic Dark Chocolate - makes a line of allergen-friendly chocolate bars and chips. Their chocolate bars are mixed with fruits, coffee, chips, and plain. Their chips are available in different percentages of cacao: 55%, 85%, and 100%. I tend to like the more mild dark chocolates, so I sampled the 55% cacao with cocoa nibs and I enjoyed its smooth taste. No 3rd Party Certification; Dedicated Facility
  • Schar - has added Pancake and Waffle mix to their offerings in the U.S. No 3rd Party Certification; Dedicated Facility


  • Canyon Bakehouse - was on hand with their newly re-branded line of breads. I am a big fan of their deli-style rye and focaccia. I got to meet Christi and Josh's kids too. I also learned that their Target product launch was extended to all stores and not just Super Targets. GFCO Certified
  • Glutenfreeda Foods, Inc. - has started selling Artisan Flatbreads, Pizza Crusts, and Tortillas and Wraps. The flatbreads and pizza crusts come in four varieties including: Original, Parmesan & Asiago Cheese, Roasted Garlic, and Sun-Dried Tomato & Herbs. Glutenfreeda’s tortillas and wraps roll without cracking and are large enough for burritos, they and come in three flavors, Original, Sante Fe Chili, and Sun-Dried Tomato & Herbs. No 3rd Party Certification; Internal lab tests for gluten
  • Glutino Foods - launched a new Multigrain English Muffin that I tried at the Boulder Brands breakfast. Very tasty and very corn-y. GFCO Certified
  • Rudi's Gluten Free - launched two new breads: Deli-Style with Caraway Seeds and Double Fiber. They made Ruben sandwiches on the Deli-Style bread that were quite tasty, but they weren't sampling out the double fiber bread when I was at the booth. GFCO Certified
  • Schar - launched their cinnamon raisin loaf, which is a dense bread loaded with flavor and fiber. It does contain eggs and soy. No 3rd Party Certification; Dedicated Facility
  • Silver Hills Bakery - bakes two gluten-free breads in a separate certified facility that are low in calories and high in fiber. These breads don't contain any gums, starches, dairy,or eggs, so that makes the ingredient list pretty short. The main ingredient is sorghum and they are darn tasty for dense bread. GFCO Certified

Have you tried any of these yet? What looks most interesting to you?

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