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Gluten-Free at Wawa

Wawa Coffee: GF, of course!
Wawa Coffee: GF, of course!

Barely out of the crib, most South Jerseyites and Philadelphians know Wawa. Out of towners might think it's babytalk, but many of us along the Eastern Seaboard, from PA to Florida rely on Wawa for our morning coffee and quick food breaks. Popular Hoagiefest has become an institution every summer, with Wawa offering its classic 10-inch hoagies for a special price during the summer months.

You might think, once you are diagnosed with Celiac disease, and/or have to eat gluten-free, that Wawa is history for you. Not so, my GF friends, as you'll soon see. Wawa is working hard at being gluten-free friendly.

Visit the interactive nutrition center where you can click to remove an allergen from your choices, leaving "safe" foods.

Most Wawa employees I've dealt with are fairly knowledgeable about gluten contamination. You can make it easier on them by being clear about your needs. For instance, when using the touch-screen ordering kiosk, you can put in notes, like "Gluten-free! No bread please!" Your food preparer should change to new gloves and package your "sandwich" in a clean container.

Besides "naked" sandwiches, there are other gluten-free options at Wawa. The Black Bean, Mashed Potato, and Baked Potato soups and Seafood Chowder are all gluten-free, as are most of the salads. The Hot-to-Go bowls can be made with meat on mashed potatoes, for a hearty GF meal. Many of the cold Grab & Go items are gluten-free, such as the Apple Peanut Butter and Apple Caramel Dippers. Of course, all of the fountain drinks are safe, as are most of the coffee beverages (stay away from any drink with "cookies" in its name, like "Cookies and Cream Cappuccino.")

You're in luck if you like to grab breakfast on the fly. Wawa's egg white and scrambled egg breakfast bowls, hash browns and cinnamon brown sugar oatmeal are gluten-free, as are almost all of the smoothies. Wawa has everything you need to start your day the right way. Don't forget the award-winning coffee!

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What's your favorite gluten-free option at Wawa?

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