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Glued coins show up on Guadalupe

A nickel and two pennies, stuck to a gas meter on The Drag.
A nickel and two pennies, stuck to a gas meter on The Drag.
Photo by Derrick Wescott

I'm not sure whose idea it was to glue coins onto the sidewalk in the popular Drag area of town, and I don't really see the point to it either.  But in certain areas - like in front of the University Co-op - you will see bright, shiny coins that just won't come off the ground, no matter how hard you try to pry them off.

After all, there are a lot of homeless people on The Drag.  What are they supposed to do when they see these coins - use a chisel to extract them?

I've seen things like this in Vegas, too, and I just don't understand the significance.

My fellow financial gurus here in Austin would agree that money is meant to be set free to be invested and to grow.  It was never meant to be stuck to the sidewalk.

This has been Derrick Wescott, reporting a local tragedy.


  • Profile picture of bankalchemist
    bankalchemist 4 years ago

    Perhaps you should have Jeff Nash former CEO of Treaty Oak Bank discuss as a topic how he squandered away $15 plus million in capital (shareholder equity) on bogus deals outside the banks primary service area. His wall of money was the Luxury Condos at South Padre Island (31 floors) which was leaning worse than the famous place in Italy. Built on a sand foundation by a contractor whom had never built a high-rise it made CBS 60 Mins as one of the worst deals in Banking.

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