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Glowing waves in Australia leave folks awestruck: Video of eerie glowing surf

The glowing waves along the beaches of Australia may look a bit eerie, but most described them as “beautiful.” At one point entire waves were glowing a blue-green and against the night sky it was a sight that left many awestruck, according to the on Aug. 25.

Glowing waves in Australia caught on camera, a eerie, but beautiful sight!
YouTube screen shot

The glowing waves are due to a natural phenomenon of little ocean dwelling creatures. These miniscule little fellows glow in the dark and they came in on the tide at Manly Beach and Newport Beach last night sending folks scrambling for their cell phones to capture the show, reports News 9 Local today.

Sydney Institute of Marine Science, Dr. Luke Hedge said that the source of this glowing light is small sea creatures. There are actually a few species of sea life that could be causing the glow-in-the-dark waves and without analyzing a sample he couldn’t say definitively which species was providing light to the surf.

“Bioluminescence is quite common in marine animals. It can even be found in fish,” said Hedge. From an educated guess on the doctor’s part, the small sea creatures called dinoflagellate are most likely the culprits providing the light show. They are very tiny, about 0.5 mm in size.

They eat the phytoplankton and from the looks of things, they have a food source that is plentiful because that's what brings them to the area. The glowing masses on the northern beaches are a light show for folks on the beach, but for the creatures, they are glowing because they are well nourished!

Check out the video above as surfers take advantage of the glowing waves back in 2011.

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