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'Glowing blue globes' at ground level watched by Maine campers


  • srv 5 years ago

    If the witness will go to this website and see if this is what they saw. Balloon Brites are lighted helium balloons size of a basketball. Variety of colors most people like blue. They come in sets of five. 100 ft of string will make 5 balloons go 20 ft in the air. The next big thing will be UFO's seen in and under the water. They are called aqua lites made by the same company

  • the witness 5 years ago

    To Ballon Brites.
    Do your 'ballons' streak horizontialy at incredible speeds then streak skywood at the same speed ? Are they controled by people 40 ft. away in a wooded area ?
    Your 'Advertisment' insults me.

  • Roger Marsh 5 years ago

    Wasn't able to find it immediately, but I know I covered a very similar story - possibly also in Maine - with a campground and people watching orbs at ground level from the water. Sometime in the past year or so.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    i use to be a big believer in ufos. so i naturally watch all the specials on tv about the subject..such as ufo files ufo hunter. and from watching countless hrs of these shows and documentary. all i can say why is it they never have a clear image always fuzzy or sometimes they see something they are not able to get it on the camera. when it is a clear picture or video of the ufo or bigfoot or the lochness monster they are always proven hoaxs, all this is a way for people to make a living who dont not want to hold a real job or make money on peoples fears of what the future holds or by using the knowledge that people these days are worried and angry and lost from the state of there lives and this planet. all the killings stealing and just the horrible things people do to each other to make a buck. so they take advantage of that by putting out al this information knowing people are looking for more than what this life has to offer. something to change, something like a ufo to come to earth and releive the stress and anxioty that we live in today. JUST ANOTHER WAY FOR SOMEONE TO MAKE A BUCK, i bet these researches or ufo hunters even tho on tv appear to be normal and level headed probably really have a hard time to associate with most people.

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