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Glow Cuddle Bunny from Cloud b, cuddle and comfort for restful sleep

Cloud b Glow Cuddle Bunny
Cloud b

For many children, nighttime can be difficult. The stark darkness can be frightening for some. Children can benefit from a cuddly companion to calm their fears and help them drift into slumber. The Cloud b Glow Cuddle Bunny is a wonderful option.

The Cloud b Glow Cuddle Bunny is a soft, cuddly companion that combines aspects of sight and touch to help children drift off to sleep. In the darkened room, a child can hug the touch-activated bunny to start a soft, soothing glow. The gentle light can cast away the fear of the dark and help calm the child. With the sleep timer option, the light will automatically turn off without taking away the bedtime companion.

In addition to the illumination feature, the Glow Bunny offers a touch-activated heartbeat. The calming rhythm can help an anxious child calm down for bedtime. The heartbeat has a sleep timer option and the unit can be removed.

The Cloud b Glow Cuddles Bunny retails for approximately $32.95.

Cloud b offers solutions to many bedtime woes. From soft, cuddly friends that cast a soft glow to relaxing sounds to drift into dreamland, Cloud b products make the transition playtime to resting time easier. For more information on the company and its products, please visit

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