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Glossy lips that drive men crazy: How to get this luxurious look

Bite the bullet editorial/concept portfolio.
Bite the bullet editorial/concept portfolio.
Photo by KatieW via Flickr

Getting ready for a luxury date at a fine restaurant or on a yacht can pose as a challenge. Fortunately, women have different complexions, undertones and skin tones to work with. If you’re not sure what colors and palettes or makeup and skincare products work for you, then creating a makeup look for your millionaire matchmaker date will be a challenge. There is one look that drives all of the privileged men crazy. It’s called the glossy lip.

There’s nothing more luxurious than a glossy lip. If you don’t use lip gloss, you may need to reconsider it, especially if you’re going out on a luxury date. According to, the act of applying lip gloss is a sexy and flirtatious move that will send your date’s heart racing. It doesn’t even matter what kind of lip gloss you happen to wear, as long as it’s from Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent.

Privileged men love seeing women with soft, shiny, wet and glossy lips. They also love to watch a woman apply it. They love how a woman looks when she tilts her head back, opens her mouth slightly and closes her eyes. They find that look very sexy.

Lip gloss is something you’ll need to have for your next luxury date. It makes your lips look voluptuous and fuller, which equals “sexy” in a man’s mind. You can create this luxurious look in just a few short and simple steps. Learn how to make this sizzling hot look last all night.

1. Line the outer edges of your lips with a clear lip liner. Since it comes out clear, it won’t alter the shade of your gloss or mess with its natural pigment.

2. Exfoliate your lips for a smooth, even surface. This will also give you ultimate shine. Mix some salve with a pinch of granulated sugar. Rub the mixture onto your lips for one to two minutes. Rinse the mixture of thoroughly with warm water. This will give you a smoother and softer pout.

3. Protect your lips with SPF. Use an SPF lip treatment before you apply the gloss. This non-sticky lip balm will stay put all day long and will provide added moisture.

4. Line and fill in your lips with a lip pencil in a coordinating shade. Apply the lip-gloss on top of the liner. Use a luxury lip-gloss from Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent Christian Dior. Begin at the center of your lip and gently feather out.

5. Apply a lip stain to your lips. Examples of designer lip stains include Givenchy, Bobbi Brown and Nars. Carefully apply it to your lips since its rich in pigment. Go slow as you apply it since it can be hard to remove.

6. Give some dimension to your look with a dab of shimmery white eye shadow. Dab some to the center of your bottom lip with your finger. The shimmer will create a spotlight on your lips. It’s sure to grab your date’s attention.

7. Top off your look with some clear lip gloss like Nars Triple X Lip Gloss. This will help you achieve that shiny finish. You can reapply if you need more throughout the day, but it should stay intact. You can also buy a clear lip-gloss with flecks of glitter if you want to skip the previous step.

Now you have your new look ready for your hot date with a privileged man from the millionaire club. You can meet up with your date with some newfound confidence. You’ll also feel good knowing that your glossy lips will stay put all day, even during eating and kissing.

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