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Gloria and Emerald hold City Heights block conversion openings

Work on reviving City Heights neighborhood paths finally paid off this morning. Mayor Todd Gloria and Councilwoman Marti Emerald celebrated the ends of neighborhood projects with city leaders in the neighborhood north of University Avenue and Fairmount Avenue.

The corner village building complex at 43rd Street on the long avenue line stands more full. City Heights Square was Gloria and Emerald's first stopp. A village mini-park built between the square and senior housing on the north opened, giving the locals a place to relax and take in the view in future years. The two officials cut the ribbon, joined by Larry Baza, a COmmissioner on the COmmission for Arts and Culture, and Paul Downey, head of the Senior COmmunity Centers.

Locals can take their spots in the steel arch gated park the workers put in benches, and, both picnic tables and game tables. An overhead trellis shelters park visitors from sunlight and wind. Landscape trees and plants make the surroundings near the 43rd Street sidewalk, at Polk Avenue, friendly.

New streetscape put together along a new public sidewalk stands and faces the path to the mini-park that lights up at night. Trees spread out a restful atmosphere in the block area park visitors can enter using a new pedestrian ramp. Tree platning areas give life to neighborhood gatherings. New parking spaces make parking easier. Block lights will keep the neighborhood place lit.

STreet improvements at the Fairmount Avenue northeast corner at Dwight Street were the next city work success Gloria and Emerald celebrated in City Heights. A second ribbon cutting opened the intersection maade afer with a new street light.

Walkers will find pop-outs on the Myrtle Avenue corners at 42nd Street and 43rd Street, and Van Dyke Avenue. Another pop-out keeps students at the north side of the neighborhood elementary school safe. Workers made walks on the way through the City Heights blocks safer. They put in curb ramps at Myrtle Avenue and Marlborough Avenue and 42nd Street and THorn Street.

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