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GlomTom: It's not a pillow

Clif Chambliss has been a gamer his whole life. All it takes is a look at his Twitter feed to see that. He has been a part of the Sarcastic Gamer, Respawn Radio, and Clever Gaming Reference podcasts, and has tested games for Microsoft on occasion. As a gamer, Clif loves to discover and share the great things that come with that hobby. Funny enough, his latest venture is his own creation.

It's called the GlomTom, and it's on Kickstarter right now. It's a product designed to elevate the experience and comfort of gaming, an ergonomic pad created with gamers in mind. The GlomTom elevates the gamer's arms to a 15 degree angle; this activates the body's parasympathetic nervous system, providing increased blood flow to one's core and activating a "relaxation mode." It gives that feeling of kicking back after a long day at work, a feeling Clif understands from a personal and professional level, due to his day job in the medical field.

The GlomTom idea took root a few years ago, when Clif's twin boys were born.Time for his gaming hobby was rare, but Clif found a way to prop up his sons against his raised arms, allowing him to both game and support them. This elevation kicked in that relaxation mode already mentioned, and Clif decided to keep playing games that way. He searched for products that could comfortably elevate his arms, but outside of a household pillow, nothing to that degree existed on the market.

The pillow wasn't going to cut it. As Clif points out, "Pillows are designed for your head. The GlomTom is designed to support your arms, specifically your elbows. Pillows are made of cotton. The GlomTom is made of microfiber." The product even includes a front pocket for storing controllers, tablets, magazines, and the like.

Clif's research led to his creation of the GlomTom, and after some Kickstarter research and encouragement from his wife, he took the leap and began designing the product. He began working with engineers and product developers at Innovative Design Products, an organization that provides entrepreneurial help--they've even worked with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. After designs and redesigns, the GlomTom was ready for the public's eye.

Thus, GlomTom found its way to Kickstarter, a donation page running from May 4, 2014 to June 5. Clif sees this as a way to pre-sell the product and introduce it to the consumers. He deems it "pre-marketing," a place where he can receive feedback from possible buyers. "It's [a product] coming to market either way," Clif states, one that is already personally financed and loan-driven. Clif's main goal with the Kickstarter is to garner enough funds for production, labeling, legal, and factory fees. Pledges can net you a T-shirt and a reduced price on the final project (it's expected to release at around $75).

Clif is aware of the high cost, but is quick to label the GlomTom as a "premium product."

It's ergonomic first and foremost. A pillow and cushion don't cut it. It is ideal for gamers who want the best experience and accessories, and won't settle for less. They are my customers.

The pillow comparison is Clif's most common devil's advocate. According to him, people need to be aware of the premium difference with his product (responses on the product's Facebook page show developers from Sucker Punch thoroughly enjoying it). By means of comparison, Clif himself uses a $300 headset when gaming; he's very much his own target demographic. As he also states, cost goes up once microfiber undergoes custom cuts and zipper attachments.

"This is just the introduction, and more stuff like customization is coming," says Clif. The GlomTom in its current state, the Kickstarter page--these are just the starting point. Where GlomTom and its future related products go from here is all in the public's hands.

Visit the GlomTom Kickstarter page if you'd like to donate, or follow the product on Twitter for constant updates.

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