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Glogg, the winter wine of Northeast Wisconsin (NEW)

Regardless of whether you are a NEW native, or a transplant from warmer climates, there is one thing you learn quickly; winter can be long and you might just as well decide how you're going to enjoy it outdoors. Wisconsin is home to beautifully groomed snowmobile trails. Eagle River, WI, is the "Snowmobile Capital of the World" and the home of the Eagle River 500 snowmobile race. Cross country skiing is both a sport and a casual pleasure. A fun walk can be had on many local trails by snowshoe, and ice fishing the lakes and bays in NEW is simply expected.

Traditional Glogg

Keeping warm while having fun could also be considered a sport here in NEW. Glogg (glug, or glog) is a Scandinavian mulled wine traditionally enjoyed during Advent. Originally called "Glühwein", it was enjoyed in small glasses. Today's glogg has become decidedly more alcoholic in content. If you haven't tried glogg yet, it's worth a try. Pair the "Glühwein" with gingerbread or gingersnaps

Glogg Northeast Wisconsin Style

1 bottle Cabernet Sauvignon
1 ¾ cups vodka
¼ cup American made Port wine
10 cardamom pods
10 cloves
1 orange sliced
¾ cup blanched whole almonds
¾ cup raisins
5 dried figs
1 cup sugar

Place the almonds in a plastic bag and crush them into large pieces with a rolling pin. Place the almonds in a pot sufficient to hold the liquids. Add the Cabernet, cardamom, cloves, sliced oranges, raisins, figs and sugar. Bring the mixture to a good steam (180 degrees). Do not boil. Pop a lid on the mixture and continue to steep the wine and spices; make sure the temperature remains at a steam; steep for 20 minutes. Add the vodka and the port. Check the glogg for flavor; add more sugar if desired. Serve in mugs. Note: If you like, you can replace the cardamom with a few cinnamon sticks.

Enjoy! Stay warm and be safe!




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