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Globe Magazine demands: “Impeach Obama!”

Just a smutty, nutty tabloid, some will say in ridiculing the Globe. But it’s in every supermarket in America. The circulation may be a quarter-million but the eyeball count has to be many millions.

More people are mentioning the I word – "impeachment."

And what do Americans see this week as they check out their groceries? They see a banner headline screaming: “Impeach Obama!" with five subheads: “Lies, coverups and abuse of power…. Why he’s worse than Nixon!…. Giving away US nuclear secrets to our enemies!… Forced to back down by evil Putin… Michelle walks out as angry Americans demand prez’s impeachment.”

Overstated? Out of touch with reality? Or political storm clouds massing over the White House?

Inside the magazine (April 14, 2014), the Globe presents an aggressive, two-page case that “Battered President Barack Obama is fighting desperately for his political life as a tidal wave of anger, distrust and resentment sweeps America, resulting in a growing crusade for his impeachment!”

The Globe mentions an Internet petition titled “Impeach President Obama and remove him from office,” which claims to have more than 500,000 letters and emails.

There are other petitions claiming other amounts of signatures, such as this one on WorldNetDaily.

President Obama ran for the presidency with the promise that he would “fundamentally transform the country,” never mind that virtually no one was asking for this. Perhaps if he had accomplished his transformation smoothly and professionally, he could have won applause. But his extreme measures, often bungled in their implementation, are creating complaints and discontent.

ObamaCare and Common Core, two of his signature programs, are more and more described as train wrecks. Most Americans are upset about one or the other. Both represent federal overreach. Both were implemented through political wheeling and dealing. In the process of promoting ObamaCare, Obama compromised himself by lying on dozens of occasions. Then to keep this program on track, he changed the law 25 times at least, all of which were unconstitutional.

Historically, presidents always suffer a letdown in a second term. Nixon was forced to resign in the middle of his second term. Many people think the same fate can befall Obama. He has unescapable blemishes on his record. Running for the presidency, he didn’t even seem to know where his birth certificate was. When you have a name like Barack Hussein Obama, taking care of the birth certificate issue would logically be a priority. (At this point, there are high-level investigators who insist that the birth certificate displayed on the White House website is, in fact, a counterfeit.)

In the latest Rasmussen poll (April 8, 2014), 27% strongly approve of Obama but 42% strongly disapprove.

A Feb. 25 article reported on “a poll in which 71 percent of Obama voters surveyed said they now would vote for someone else.”

Meanwhile, a long list of scandals mentioned in the Globe article continue to simmer: the IRS scandal, the Benghazi scandal, Fast and Furious scandal, and others that Internet pundits predict will cause more trouble for Obama.

The Globe article quotes behavioral expert Dr. Lillian Glass, who speculates that “all the intense pressure in Obama's public and private lives can be clouding his judgment and pushing him to a breaking point.”

Obama’s historic elections were largely made possible by a corrupted media that refused to report bad news about the president. The nation’s “free press” is not so free anymore, and this is a great loss for the country. Facts and truth, both in the media and in the public schools, are arguably in eclipse.

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