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Globalists of the world Unite!

The gloves are off. The cover-up is uncovered. The secret is open. The conspiracy is no longer a theory.

Globalist Apparel and Posters
Globalist Apparel and Posters
Globalist Party of America
The Globalist Party Facebook cover photo features a dynamic young weaponized Comrade Clinton embraced by a leg-hugging young female collectivist idealist.
Globalist Party of America/Facebook

For those who haven't been watching, as of August 22, 2013 the American branch of the New World Order has its own Champion of Statism, a political party dedicated to One World Rule: The Globalist Party of America.

This self-identified "elected party from a one-party system for the Centralized Global Federation" openly espouses its Internationalist goal on – where else? – Facebook.

The Globalists ("a party by the government, for the government") has fearlessly published the Centralized Global Federation's Constitution that details how all of humanity must be controlled for its own good.

They identify their location as "The Oval Office, the White House," list the party's accolades that include "Most Evil Political Party Award," "Longest-Running American Political Party of the Twentieth Century" and "Most Devious Plan to Reduce World Population (runner-up behind Adolf Hitler)."

The party's "Products" include "Individual Collectivism," "Free-market Communism" and "Libertarian socialism," none of which would be much of a concern to libertarian voluntaryists if they were all pursued voluntarily.

But these One World Government cabalists make it clear that voluntary interactions are absolutely not an option.

"All business, education, and production will either be globalized ('nationalized') or heavily regulated by the world government to ensure that standards are met."

They make it clear that they support rather than reject America's status quo political parties:

"the Globalist Party of America is supportive of both Republicans and Democrats; they both work tirelessly to uphold the false two-party system in the United States. Our past Prophets include Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and soon-to-be-prophet Hillary Clinton. All hail the New World Order!"

The Globalists, in their tireless pursuit of world domination, make it clear that they're behind everything anti-freedom. Their articles champion every collectivist program ever conceived, from water fluoridation to Obamacare.

Some Facebook commenters are not sure what to make of this site.

"This is a joke right?"

"you are all a bunch of frigging idiots."

"I really hope you are joking."

"this is the dumbest group ever"

"Relax everyone this is a liberal spoof page."

But when one apparent George Bush admirer posted his thoughts the unknown, unseen, unidentified Globalist spokesperson/enabler responded, "the Bushes are one of our most prominent globalist families."

Most libertarians will be happy that their worst enemies have been conveniently collected in one place; others will be dismayed that so many Americans are too obtuse to recognize great biting political satire when they see it.

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