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Globalism - the ultimate American betrayal

 We have been bombarded with information about the benefits of globalism. The propaganda claims that all the peoples of the world will benefit from the comingling of the world’s resources. However, the decline of the American economy is not an endorsement of globalism. Rather, it represents a betrayal of the way of life that generations of Americans made possible through hard work and sacrifice.   

The United States has lost the lead it once had in economic affairs. Tens of millions of jobs were lost as thousands of plants moved to foreign countries where Americans can’t effectively compete. China and India are among the latest benefactors of American capitalism. It is true we can’t compete with China and India when it comes down to the costs of production. Both of these countries have the clear advantage of extremely low wage levels as compared to the
United States
. Americans must earn a much higher pay in order to survive.  Furthermore, Americans must adhere to laws concerning worker rights, child labor, product safety, environmental issues and financial requirements which are either minimal or non-existent in many foreign countries.

In the final analysis, the USA is unable to compete against these countries because we have made the mistake of advancing our people, our quality of life and our standard of living to a desirable, but uncompetitive level. In the world of capitalism, the USA must lower her values and expectations if she is to survive in the global economy. This is the ultimate betrayal of the American experience.

Our government has sanctioned the decline of our country. Without the implicit assurances of the administration, the movement to globalization would be impossible. At face value, any American fifth grader would refuse to accept the same rate of pay as a Chinese coolie, but somehow it becomes acceptable practice to our leaders. It is economic suicide to enter into free trade pacts that are designed to debase our country, but our government representatives have done just that.

Government officials are not stupid in spite of what one may think. Self interest is the clear incentive for many economic decisions and, too often, these decisions are in conflict with the general welfare of the country.  Our leaders, in collaboration with America’s unrestrained capitalists, have committed treason against the citizens of the United States. They have undermined our social, political and economic standards and threaten our existence as a sovereign country.


  • Navigator 5 years ago

    I agree! We even allow products not equal to the products such as lead based paint! I agree! You need to talk some sense in the ft. myers political buzz examiner!!

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